A sunny war wants to comfort you if it’s not broken.


A sunny war wants to comfort you if it’s not broken.

Los Angeles singer, songwriter and guitarist Sunny War (Sydney Lyndella Ward) was born to a mother in Nashville. She was described as a nomadic childhood, moving from Michigan, Colorado, to the streets of San Francisco. Now in their 20s, the war was settled in Los Angeles during the teenage years and is known as the streets of Venice beach.

War is a great guitarist. She learned her style by playing blackbird and falling in love with the blues. “I think I’m a blues guitarist, but I don’t think I’m a blues artist,” she says. “I only used the scale and skills I knew, and the only time I was trained in music was the blues guitar, and I really liked Elizabeth corten and Mississippi John hurt.”

Cited Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading and Black Flag all sorts of influence, such as War upcoming album “With the Sun” in the song aroused an amazing atmosphere, full of hypnosis of equanimity. Her voice is reflected in her soft voice, her unique guitar playing style and her ability to touch the hearts of her listeners with lyrics. In her 2015 full length, the value of the war is just the goal of the blues folk genre. In her forthcoming release, she retains the blues and ballads, but has matured into a more traditional singer-songwriter. The new voice is a good example of “if it’s not bad.”

The video of the song we premiered above was filmed on a boardwalk in Venice beach. The war wrote in an E-mail: “I wrote it at the end of a rough relationship if it was not broken.” “Chord of the process is very easy for me, I especially like Nikita Sorokin violin part, if you listen carefully, you can hear the whole track to imitate a beating heart, this is the producer Harlan Steinberger ideas. The pulse of the song can comfort and resonate with other sad people. “


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