Fashion says this is only a “healthy” model.


Fashion says this is only a “healthy” model.

In order to promote a healthy body image among readers, the editors of the 19 editions of Vogue agreed to some changes.

NPR’s David Folkenflik has submitted this report for our news broadcasting department:

“Starting in June, Vogue’s under-16s or anyone who seems to have any eating disorder will not have any models.

“The magazine also will ask the agent when the director in commercials and radio alert model of age, and to encourage designer between models and healthy eating habits in the new practice, so as to promote a wide range of body.

“These moves has experienced years of criticism of a fashion magazine – the industry generally believe that – to promote young girls to believe in yourself if you can’t reflect the model body figure, so their bodies become incompatible, with Photoshop to eliminate the defects and unnecessary fat. If anything adds to these concerns, celebrity photos. ”

New York magazine has six key points in the deal. Among them:

– “we encourage designers to consider the consequences of their clothing sample size weakness, which limits the range of women who can take pictures of their clothes and encourages the use of very thin models.

– “we will encourage producers to create healthy background working conditions, including healthy food choices and respect for privacy, and we will encourage casting agents not to delay the model unreasonably.

But critics say the “fashion” deal is far from enough. The Associated Press spoke to Susan Linn of the noncommercial childhood movement, who said Vogue should follow Italian and Spanish fashion groups.

The “fashion” agreement was vague, while Italy and Spain did not allow models to fall below a BMI on the runway.


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