In “fashion”, “a gentleness and some dissatisfaction”


In “fashion”, “a gentleness and some dissatisfaction”

“September is January,” explains one of the people in the September issue, who unwittingly disconnects the fragility of the world from bjork’s wardrobe. Although most people would visit RJ cutler, subtle, gentle documentary, hope to be able to see “fashion” editor Anna wintour powerful explosions, but they will be disappointed: this is a movie, the goal is far beyond the guards the content of the mind.

By Robert Richman (Robert Richman) taken “September Issue” (The September Issue) focuses on for Vogue 840 this is one of The largest ever issued in September 2007, a magazine (as well as The rich man’s wallet). Cutler seemed to get the editorial meeting, model accessories, a passport photo shoots and fashion show, cutler, quietly follow behind wintour, relentlessly to record clear decision, and hurt her feelings. (the devil may wear prada, but the cover of the fashion bible, a shameful departure from tradition, is now dressed in celebrity. Wintour decided to use the new fashion to marry, the name of the new money may have narrowed the gap between fantasy and function – rather than by the way, sales activities to revive again, but also increased her and what she had charge of the friction between the various artists.)

But, a commitment to the average paid female sales of expensive clothing life need a repressed personality, and the emergence of this portrait is a smart and influential women, her thoughts and her runway show. We see no partners, no family life, no friends, no beliefs or world views. Whenever emotional disturb her ice surface, it will soon be included: her work and her brothers and sisters, “the guardian” a political editor, low-income housing advocates, labor organizers) compared with her work, when her daughter Bee announced preferred designer varieties of legal briefs, she felt sad.

If wintour’s enormous self-control is the main emotion, then September will soon alienate everyone but the warmest. However, carter and his film – apparently more by the magazine’s senior creative director Grace, Paddington (Grace Coddington), he’s gorgeous layout constantly get the favour of the Japanese celebrity.

Her model (she was shot snowden) in 1959 is a real human, in a neutral, flawless drones in the ocean, the flames of her halo, untamed hair, her movement characteristics and comfortable clothes. Frank, calm and satirical comedy, coddington is a perfectly safe gift for making ugly clothes beautiful and stupid to visit. And because she thinks it is not necessary to defend their career choices, also do not deny that she serves the absurdity of the industry, so we warmly said to her: she is very important to the film, because she is the art of magazine.

The September issue is more contemplative than confrontational, so cutler has not fallen into a dreamy infatuation with the conflict. From the designer’s guest, mature and struggle, has a close relation with temperature figure amazing business foresight: when she to the Thai young designer Thakoon Panichgul when signing a lucrative Target contract, fashion respect for her passion seems to be both surprising and understandable.

It’s not so easy to understand, even if it’s not so surprising, the director decided to shoot his subject with an unusual upward Angle, ruthlessly emphasizing the loose jaw line beneath the flawless Bob. If he is looking for a weakness, watching the film carefully will know that he doesn’t have to work so hard.


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