Yes, some cartoons are for kids – and they’re big business.

In Raina Telgemeier's new Ghosts, Cat and her little sister Maya move to a new town — and Maya, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, sets her heart on meeting one of the ghosts who supposedly haunt the plac

Yes, some cartoons are for kids – and they’re big business.

Any self-respecting comic fan would scoff at the idea that comics are no longer just for children. But any self-respecting comic fan has to admit that there are some great kids comics – especially now.

Before leaving San Diego this week, I signed with my fourth grade teacher in Philadelphia, Lucy Strother, whose students only liked comics. “We love comic books and graphic novels in the library because children are so obsessed with comics and graphic novels that it’s always empty,” she said.

Graphic novels are an important way for children to get used to reading longer chapter books and more mature ideas, says Strother. And for her students, there is a writer who is supreme. “The queen of my classroom is Raina Telgemeier.”

“My name means queen,” said teljemer, laughing. She’s now at Comic-Con, and she’s meeting young readers. Her latest graphic novel, “ghost,” is a tender and lovely story for middle-aged readers, about a girl who is the same as her sister’s illness.

“Comics are good for many different types of readers,” she says. “Children who have never finished a book before can get a graphic novel, complete it in an hour, feel empowered, and have never had that experience before, and they’ve done something.

Telgemeier says she has drawn cartoons for former children, more people than newspaper strips, and DC and Marvel’s superhero comics. At first, she had to publish it herself. “When I started publishing, the top five book publishers weren’t really on the list,” she says. “My job doesn’t fit anywhere. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

But, although there are no big publishers, Telgemeier says children still need their comic books. She remembers voracious young readers reading the crowded aisles of large chains of Japanese imported comics. She eventually found a home in Scholastic, one of the first major publishers to have a place in graphic novels. Now, children’s cartoons are big business.

We have just jumped from 23 young champions to 40 young readers. So far, we haven’t reached the limit of this market.

Mark Siegel is the editor and creative director of the first book of macmillan’s graphic novels. The first booth is bustling with books for young readers – some of the youngest.

“Some of them are silent, I have a is almost silent Ben hart’s small robot, and then we began from the first second time early a click is by Sara Varon Ro bot Dreams, this is a story of a silent dog and robots”.

Siegel says business is booming. “We have just jumped from 23 young champions to 40 young champions, and so far we have not reached the limits of this market.

It is made up of shea, yancerabat, monica Kubina and the wellan river.

For kids who like superhero comics, big guys are listening. Jim Lee is the publisher of DC Entertainment; Their SuperHero series of graphic novels had girls is a huge, unexpected blow. “It gives us confidence and a foundation to be fundamentally a young reader,” he said.

‘this will require some significant changes in the business of the DC,’ Mr. Lee said. The company is trying to attract more diverse writers to create books around DC characters. Instead of focusing on selling a single problem to a comic book store, they had to start thinking about showing the books to the children. It’s a big business. “For almost 20 years in Washington, I’ve never seen a company as busy as it was last year.”

And I’ve never seen a lot of kids this year – especially little girls – in animation companies. Nine-year-old Kayla Miller is with her family. She dressed up as a video game character, but she said she liked reading: “chapter books, graphic novels, Japanese manga,” and her favorite was spiderman. She likes the multiverse and the story.

So let’s take a break – some cartoons are for kids. Just not everyone.


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