Pregame PB&J: how can comfort food become the secret of NBA success?

The Comfort Food Diaries, by Emily Nunn

Pregame PB&J: how can comfort food become the secret of NBA success?

Pre-match rituals are not uncommon for amateur and professional athletes. But the NBA’s special commitment to primary school snacks is profound: ESPN says the PB&J sandwich is a “secret addiction” in the league.

“In every NBA locker room, can see different kinds of food on the table, but PB&J – if there is a dressing room, without it, I have not seen it,” ESPN reporter Baxter holmes told Scott Simon.

In this week’s ESPN magazine, holmes explores how first-year students’ lunches become staples of professional basketball players’ locker rooms.

The origins of the sandwich league house date back to the 2007-2008 Boston celtics anecdote.

Once hailed as revolutionary league diet before the former star Kevin garnett command “one day he was hungry – when a teammate also said he was hungry, and want a PB&J – say, ‘let’s continue to’ ‘, said holmes.

And, because garnett did well in the game: “now we need PB&J for every game.”

“It spread from there,” said holmes. “This is not to say that peanut butter jelly has not been consumed by athletes for a long time, but of course I am in mass production.”

But in the NBA, a player’s body is not just a temple, it’s a company, it’s not the healthiest snack. So why PB&J?

In short, this is a fast, easy to make comfort food that can enhance the player’s mentality. And, as busy as a player, “41 games every year – they may travel inconvenience, they don’t feel well, poor transportation,” said holmes, they are eager to familiar and easy to digest.

Grams Roman farmers could not take his first step in looking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, however, said holmes, “he looking for all these components are included, this is one of the wonderful food, but because it is over, the benefits of the mental health is that many experts say the NBA is actually one of the biggest benefits, in a nutshell, opioids are released, it let players calm down, let them happy… There are some healthy fats and proteins that give them a little bit of energy, but I mean, the mental aspect of things, it’s really a comfort food. ”

And these athletes aren’t hitting you on average. Inside the league, some players are known for their likes and dislikes.

“Russell westbrook likes to put butter on the bread and put the peanut butter in it after it’s baked,” holmes continued. Carmelo Anthony likes his cinnamon raisin bagel. The latvian knicks player christakis porzingis had not heard of PB&J before being selected. “I’m in love,” he told the Wall Street journal. “I grew up with PB&J when I was a kid,” Kevin durant told Nike. “I grew up with PB&J. “Actually, PB&J is still my snack.”

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There are different PB&J traditions about different teams.

Of course. Much depends on the location, the preferences of certain players. The lakers have their all-around food to meet them, and SAN Antonio has their own central market for HEB, and they have a partnership in SAN Antonio. You go to Portland: their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are baked in half the order because star player damian lillard likes them. You go to Milwaukee. They’re one of the more interesting sports in the NBA. They made a PB&J buffet before the game, but all kinds of nuts, butter and peanut butter, jams and jellies, all kinds of bread – they make peanut butter and jelly milkshakes, peanut butter and jelly oatmeal, waffles.

About whether PB&J is a nutritional choice.

I said a dietician says this is not the most healthy snacks, but it is more health than fat junk food, they may be in the arena concessions – Fried food, hamburgers, no matter how the situation – especially if you only have a little hunger before the game. And then you know a little bit more about its science, that peanut butter and jelly is made up of a variety of ingredients that humans like, dating back to neanderthals, when they wanted something to live. Different kinds of fats and proteins and starch and what not, and all of these important components are combined into PB&J. So when you take one, when you bite into one, these different opioids are released. You’re happy that most people recognize this.

The golden state warriors PB&J ban launched the great PB&J war of 2015.

They hired a sports scientist from Australia who wasn’t familiar with NBA’s peanut butter and jelly fashion. He wanted to eliminate many unhealthy foods, such as candy and soda, cookies, but he included peanut butter and jelly in an umbrella. When the team met the team on their first flight of the year, they saw it disappear, which was his first shot at the jelly war between peanut butter and him and his players. Eventually they got back and he was no longer employed by the team.

If you go to the NBA, when it comes to peanut butter and jelly, you’ll find all these little quirks. But they and Smucker ‘s Ohio colleagues work together, they each night to the opponent team about a dozen prepackaged “Uncrustables” PB&J, although there are several team told me that they tried to keep their players away from, because they are not healthy.

Meanwhile, the cavs made their own handmade PB&J before homemade grapes and raspberry jelly, almond butter and bananas, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. So they give the other team something, and they make a difference.

So there’s a whole new understanding of how they beat golden state warriors in the last few seconds, and of course that will open up – what kind of PB&J does lebron have?

I don’t know exactly what he likes, but I think it’s very confident, no matter what they’re doing, I’m sure he likes it. I mean, you have to remember that in the NBA – I mentioned earlier the Portland trail blazers around – if a team of star players have a special preference, whether it is leather case or no leather case, some bread, some kind of jelly, nuts, cream, no matter how the situation – I assure you that the team will be used to it, and this may be a key reason they make anything.


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