Time travel serial killer ‘shiny girl’


Time travel serial killer ‘shiny girl’

For the past 15 years, South African writer lauren bex has been a journalist, screenwriter, documentary, and recently a novelist. Her latest book is the “shiny girl”, a summer thriller about time travel serial killers, and the victims of the hunt for him.

When the novel opens, a six-year-old girl, kirby, is playing with dirt. A strange old man, Harper, approached and tried to ease her distrust by giving her an orange plastic pony. He told her to keep him safe until he came to fetch it. “I’ll see you when you grow up,” he told her uneasily. “Be careful, darling, I’ll be back for you.”

We know that Mr Harper is through 60 years of history, history of Chicago pick his victim, who shines inner spark of women – including a stripper in 1932, she wore a laser paint.

Harper returned to kill kirby, but she survived and began to look for him. “She turned around,” Beukes told NPR’s Tess Vigeland. “She became obsessed with finding people who did this to her, and she didn’t stop until she did.”

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How do you decide which historical elements to use?

“I did a lot of research in Chicago, and I lived here in 2000 and 2001… I am particularly interested in period has a lot of, such as I am very interested in the red scare and McCarthyism, I think, especially the south africans, and racial segregation in the way, and we experience the sort of repression and regime.

“I work with two young researchers who can find all the basic information, like what was the hospital like in 1931? What do doctors wear? How much do they charge? How do they repair torn tendons?

Why set up a story in Chicago?

“Because I live in there, because this is a splendid city, there are also many problems, such as corruption, crime and isolation, it shows my many interested in writing something, I don’t want to write the book set in South Africa, because it is about in the 20th century, if I did a story of South Africa, it will immediately concealed by apartheid… So it makes sense to put it in the United States and to be able to play with the modernist idea and the way the world is changing. ”

Why do you accept television rights, not movies?

“There are four competing bids, some of which are movie options… But, I found a really exciting mode – [leonardo dicaprio Appian Way and MRC, he did a House of Cards for Netflix] they show me the Way is that to think of it as a film 13 hours, I’m like, ‘ok, ok! It really gives you an insight into these stories. “


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