When do we talk about ‘TLOP’

Kanye West reaching for his audience during 102.7 KIIS FM's 2015 Wango Tango in Los Angeles, May 2015.

When do we talk about ‘TLOP’

We have about 300 emails and a month. We started with seven people and increased to eight, although the composition of the group has changed a bit. We are thinking about 18 songs album, we already has two weeks, this time a year ago has released some loose version and guest scripture, and endless tweets and some pictures. Although Kanye drives the emotional roller coaster in the plane view all of us are trying to ignore rumors and gossip and think it’s impossible. We bring different histories, sights and attitudes. Our personal lives are not the same. The time zone and weather we are working on vary. Some of us have never met. But we find that since January 15, the time we spend talking is intellectually exciting, emotionally rigorous, and ultimately necessary. I don’t think anyone really wants to convince anyone. There are some flips. We are trying to find out, and then express between us and what is happening between you and us, because these songs, character and attractions are all here now, they had never here.

We’re making a clunky, fair version of the shaky start and awkward landing and the album itself. I think this is a trust in him, and we cannot issue any clear or concise content responsibly. About the life of pablo everything, from the invitation to the premiere, through tidal sample service to the Vine, can trigger it, and mix the wear on the edges, it is a terrible idea, from another perspective, clever. It was impossible to extricate himself from everyone else, because he was an attractive artist and attracted the attention of American audiences. He gives us the opportunity to talk, to write and to think, and we need it.

We are not in accordance with the time in order to show our communication, but as far as possible, divide it into three repeated theme: Kanye let’s talk about him, I was the only leader), he let us feel uncomfortable, I would say I felt wrong time, he let us think about (I love you like love Kanye Kanye). When people talk about Kanye, they show themselves. I don’t know if that means he’s an excellent artist, and I know that’s why we’ve been able to fill all of this ink.


Just a person in charge [or author’s problem]

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Kris Jenner, Kayne West and Travis Scott were in Paris in October 2015 at the Vogue 95th anniversary party.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Vogue.

Kiana Fitzgerald: the concept of TLOP is huge and pervasive – almost a mistake. As the children say, there may be too many cooks in the kitchen. It doesn’t think that a person’s brain is controlling this engineering, and I think that’s what we’re more or less used to getting from Yeezy. We expected him to be Geppetto, but this time it felt like he was a puppet. Kanye adopts the ouroboros model comprehensively: influenced by the current influencers, and positively influences the future influencers. I don’t know where he is on the timeline. Although he likes to portray itself as a visionary in a vacuum, but he keep on poll (social album title), and the people around him, the young Chano release date have the final say) for inspiration and the final idea. He always USES the tools available,

Kris ex: is this the first time Kanye has asked the public to provide legal feedback? Whether it’s bruch or brahe, or album cover, or what? I think he’s usually the master of rhetorical questions and circulatory logic, and this feels more… “Open”. This may be just growth or transformation.

Laurence burney: I think there are a lot of Kanyes that are as interesting as most of his work, but this time it feels more disconnected than ever, and that’s my challenge as an audience. It’s like, it’s hard to catch taekwondo in fact it’s here. The credit of the album is exhausting. It was like he was in the room, but I didn’t feel his presence in the whole thing. It erupts. In this way, it still sounds like a masterpiece. Kelly Price’s single poem in the “super light beam” made me ready to reconvert to Christianity, and I still stuck to this opportunity verse. The future/Metroboomin may have been the best in history – maybe not, but I don’t remember being excited about the decline. “True friends” welcome to Heartbreak “, and “FML” at the end of the transition section 25 samples is a huge change, even if only a tiny sound in many songs TLOP role, Kanye curator genius by scattered narrative, lyrics.

Chanelle Adams: Kanye tells us he’s worried about white men. His prayers went to Paris, the city that held his dream of fashion week. He was able to make risky investments and knew he would sit on the kardashians. It’s all a trap. He is both an advertisement and a devourer. There’s no purity here. Or anywhere, really.

Chris: F *** he and his silence. F *** everyone supports his nonsense. I’m tired of him just talking about s *** when he’s having an impact on him. I’m tired of him yelling at Sway for more SKU, not the dead body in the street. Massive police corruption in his own home town. F * * * him. F *** Paris. I am Charlie, but I’m not Trayvon, because Trayvon was already dead, Charlie is still near the photo shoot, and with blood on their leaves, and Kanye is expensive fruit from a woman, he didn’t realize they are humans because b * * * * * * love we call b * * * * * *.

Well, yes. Where am I? Oh: his words were made by the committee. How can we get to know the man’s lyrics? Turning off Frannie’s influence, I began to listen to his old dog poop and Jesus h. Charlie… A ghost. F * * *. How do we get this slide? As I said, I like all music of Kanye except Kanye. I like rhymes and flows and ideas – just his voice and delivery. What we know now is the only thing he brings to the studio. Pray for Paris? Cute, n ****. But who wrote it for you? (yes, George Bush didn’t care about black people, but he still didn’t.

Frannie Kelley: well, I’ve been thinking, maybe we can understand Kanye in our culture, take the reductive elevator pitch, as an unmanned combat fighter. In public, he may be a bit obsessed with the wild, the feeling of temporary release, tend to be wild, violent words and punctuation, some of which are worth it/genetic, some of which is easy to be misunderstood. You can think of it as irresponsible. Of course it’s inconvenient. But Kanye is moving away from unjust infrastructure. He is trying to accept something that is not only not public, but also insistent, because its responsibility falls on the shoulders of hundreds of millions of empty averages, and they don’t think they are capable. Taylor is not alone. Taylor is a shining light. The battle against us was a heavy, serious injury.

But he then made possible moment, such as Chance on SNL show “Ultralight Beam” : no Kanye time unsafe bombing in contrast, when the Chance to take over the shift in the room, some choir’s face relaxed, not happened. It is very impressive to turn The-Dream and Ye into a fan. It is very impressive at The courtside. However, if Ye is not loose with The reality, he will not surpass it. Kanye could be straight men there; In the young circle of Chance, he was the director, and his work was sometimes reluctant. He did some possible, for example: “I met Kanye West, I would never fail”, this would be a mistake, there is no “, “I will never go to hell,” this is a lie at least half, thanks to Rhymefest contribution, I don’t understand why people think they have talked about Kanye.

When we were watching the MSG program, when we heard Kanye say “pray for Paris,” Chris was about flint. But I think Paris is less abstract to Kanye, where Kanye has lived for at least a few years, and has been there, not Flint, Michigan. This is a kind of progress, I don’t think it wise to forget the charm of Paris for black immigrants in particular cultural giants, such as Josephine baker and James Baldwin, and today’s heath coates. Combined with assault rifles and home-made bombs, it was too bad; Based on years of budget cuts and elected officials conspiracy injury in children and its degree for decades will not clear, in fact this is the fact that happened before and will happen again – how do you even wrap your head? Who was imprisoned for long? What is compensation, do not mind safeguard measure? I’ve heard that TLOP is such an emotional response, but Kanye can’t talk about it. Rarely. I only saw this man land it. I think I want to know, if Chance will ride with Ye now, will he become a new detail? Or the new Rhymefest? Where is Travis standing?


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