Do digital gadgets add to our appetite for news?


Do digital gadgets add to our appetite for news?

Website and online search.

According to the study, only 9 percent of American adults “regularly” click on news recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. Another 36 percent of adults surf directly to news organizations. 32% get news from Internet search; 29 percent access to news aggregators or applications.

“Facebook and Twitter are now the way to the news, but their roles may not be as big as some people suggest,” the pew researchers said in the study. “There are relatively few people who use these networks to get news, especially if they do so often.”

But that includes responses from adults who didn’t get any digital news. Among digital news consumers, the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is becoming – to borrow the popular online adjective – #epic.

When the study focused on people who relied entirely on Internet access to news, 52 percent of adults said they turned to Facebook or Twitter. Next to the news site, 92% of digital consumers and search engines still have a low preference, which is 85% preferred.

Research shows that Facebook is a larger medium, and it is a more common source of news: Facebook recommends more than twice as many news items as recommended on Twitter.

Research has shown that Facebook users “are much less likely to use Twitter”. Only 13 percent follow news recommendations on Facebook and Twitter.

Quantity is not exactly the same as quality. The originality of the news that people find on both platforms is distinctly different.

Among digital news consumers, the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is becoming – to borrow the popular online adjective – #epic.

Fifty-six percent thought Facebook news was “replaceable” or “the news they might get elsewhere,” and 43 percent said the same thing on Twitter.

The research shows that Twitter provides a “wider” variety of news and has an impact on users who “expand their knowledge and source lists”.

Mobile devices are growing.

As the study points out, it is widely said that people will consume Numbers based on the device they own, based on the news on the Internet.

Laptop and desktop computers are still americans receive digital news of main equipment, the result is not surprising, because the computer has ownership of more than three-quarters of the adult population. The study showed that 54 percent of people logged on to computers to get news.

But with the release of apple’s iPad 3 on Friday, the tablet has become the latest craze as smartphone sales have slowed as smartphones have become ubiquitous.

The study found that 44 percent of adults now own a smartphone and 18 percent of adults own a tablet. According to Pew, the number of adult tablets has soared by 50% since last summer, perhaps driven by the release of the iPad 2 last year.

With a variety of gadgets, people increasingly spread news consumption across multiple devices. The study found that nearly a quarter of adults now do so. According to the study, they read news, or all three, through a combination of computers and smartphones, computers and tablets, tablets and smartphones.

Research shows that this is where news organizations have an opportunity to grow, because expanding the use of mobile devices is leading people to consume more news.

Contrary to what some might think, the fascination With apps such as Words With Friends, Temple Run or Instagram does not prevent them from keeping in touch With the real world.

In fact, most computers, smartphones and tablet users use their devices to read news, according to pew. The study also delve into Localytics data, which shows that users of mobile devices can get more news and longer.

People who use a variety of mobile devices are more likely to get news through social media. For example, 67% of people who use smartphones and tablets follow news recommendations on Facebook. Thirty-nine percent of them clicked on the news on Twitter.

By comparison, only 41% of people use a computer to click on a Facebook post. Only 9 per cent tweeted.


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