Prosecutor: VA secretary’s ‘gross negligence’ on overseas travel



Prosecutor: VA secretary’s ‘gross negligence’ on overseas travel

According to a report released on Wednesday, secretary of veterans’ affairs David shulgin improperly accept wimbledon tickets and his staff lied to nature of the European tour, so his wife can accompany him to the taxpayers’ expense.

These were just two of the “serious dereliction of duty” that internal investigators detailed in a 87-page report from Virginia attorney general Michael Missal.

Mr Sholkin is just one of several cabinet members facing official travel reviews. In September, health and human secretary Tom price resigned after using a private jet. Interior minister Ryan Zinke, energy secretary Rick Perry and epa administrator Scott Pruitt also admitted using government or private flights, which they said had been pre-approved.

The report on sholkin and his staff referred to “poor judgment and/or misconduct” in the secretariat. A Washington post report in September sparked an investigation.

Manager in schur flurry of Virginia issued a memo, instructing them to reduce employee on a business trip and less than two weeks after the “save”, the department, secretary, and his wife MEL Dr Barry July started the 11-day trip to Europe, according to reports this charge at least $122334.

The trip included formal meetings in Copenhagen and meetings in London, as well as “important personal time Tours and other unofficial activities.” According to Missal, the civil service has only about half the schedule, while the rest is reserved for leisure time.

Moral official approval, the report says Virginia Shulkin lady ticket costs $4312, only in its chief Vivieca Wright Simpson change email to represent a false representation “shulgin minister will be rewarded in Denmark, which Wright, Mrs Simpson, understood as the standard to prove Dr Barry in Virginia at the expense of the trip. ”

The attorney general’s office said Mr Wright’s “false statements and changes in official records may have violated federal criminal code” and would therefore be referred to the department of justice.

In London, private practice dermatologists Shulkin and Bari attended wimbledon. Sholkin, who tried to buy the tournament’s tickets, accepted their invitation, a gift from Victoria Gosling, the former chief executive of Invictus Games in 2016, who was described as a friend of Barry. The report said that although the secretary told reporters the gift was not reviewed by a moral lawyer, it was not approved.

The inspector general’s office said she did not remember Mrs. Sholkin’s name.

In the Obama administration, vice minister of veterans affairs, a former presidential candidate trump shulgin wrote a letter to the attorney general, insisted that the conclusions of the report are based on subjective and arbitrary “standard”.

He wrote: “it is unacceptable that you would describe me and my wife as trying to use the government.”


Later, speaking of USA today, Mr. Sholkin said he sent a check to the government on Wednesday for $4,312 to pay his wife’s ticket. “Our actions have the highest moral quality,” he insists.

“I rely on my staff to do this, and in retrospect, I wish I had asked more questions,” he told the newspaper.


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