The Los Angeles times business editor returned after an internal leak investigation.


The Los Angeles times business editor returned after an internal leak investigation.

“Los Angeles times,” business editor made a triumphant return, in a few days later after a few days to leave, and tell colleagues, she has been ousted and suspended, as part of the newspaper survey reports, the President in November.

According to several staff members, business editor Kimi Yoshino told members of the Los Angeles times’ business division that the then managing editor, Lewis D ‘vorkin, personally took her to the human resources office last week. Ms. Yoshio said she had a conversation with the New York times reporter, Sydney amber, before a report was published.

This story shows that journalists and dworkin’s newsroom in November meeting conflict, because he is dealing with the Walt Disney company condemnation of the Los Angeles times, because it reports the Anaheim, providing entertainment giant subsidies. Even if Disney prevented Los Angeles times reporters and critics from showing their films ahead of time, blocking cultural reports and film reviews, D ‘vorkin didn’t publicly defend the Los Angeles times. The company lifted the ban after meeting with D ‘vorkin and Ross Levinsohn, publisher of the Los Angeles times.

Yoshio denied sharing any audio with the New York times and told colleagues she had a harmless conversation with Ember shortly before the story.

, according to a report in the New York newspaper, a spokesman for the New York times executive editor dean buck, complained that the leak of staff, and then the New York times reported angered D ‘Vorkin publisher Ross levin thorne and the Los Angeles times. (Mr. Levinsohn didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

A second staff meeting in November called for a response to the New York times article, and D ‘vorkin said the leaks were “immoral” and said, “who is involved in moral decay.” At the second meeting in November, the tapes of these remarks were obtained and reported by NPR for the first time.

As her colleagues describe, yoshio warned employees on Thursday that the Los Angeles times is likely to leak the source of the investigation to the rest of the newsroom.

A spokeswoman for the newspaper’s parent company, Tronc, told NPR on Friday morning that there was no investigation into the audio leak.

D ‘vorkin did not respond to the detailed questions that need to be reviewed. Two staff members of the Los Angeles times spoke about Mr. Yoshino’s words. Several people posted news on Twitter about yoshio telling her business desk colleague that he was breaking news.

In addition, Levinsohn was surveyed by the company two weeks ago after NPR reported allegations of his past workplace behavior. On Sunday, Mr. Dvorkin was transferred to a new company job, a brief and difficult term, including the first organized labor union in the 136-year history of the report. He has been replaced by Jim Kirk, a former news executive and troubleshooter for Tronc. Kirk is the editor and publisher of the former Chicago sun-times. Last fall, he was a temporary editor for the Los Angeles times.

“Kimi is recovering,” Tronc spokeswoman Marisa Kollias said in a written statement to NPR. “We know that Jim and his team want to help the entire staff get back to work and do what they are best at – the most important news for the Los Angeles times readers.”

Yoshio oversaw the Disney’s relationship with Anaheim and reported on its troubles, including the labor vote and accusations against Mr. Levinsohn.

Last week yoshio’s staff signed a public declaration of protest in her defence. She didn’t respond to requests for comment, but wrote on Twitter that she thanked them for their support Thursday.

“Throughout my career, I have stuck to high standards of professionalism and journalism and treated people with kindness and respect,” Yoshino tweeted. “Under the leadership of @kirkjim12, I expect the Los Angeles times newsroom to be guided by these same values.”


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