Duncan hunter’s long journey: so. Cal to DC


Duncan hunter’s long journey: so. Cal to DC

– republican from southern California running for President. The hunter sees a view from home.


As the presidential election approaches, candidates are touring the country, trying to make sure that America knows who they are and what they think. So, over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring how candidates start from scratch, and how they feel in their homeland. Today, we explore the home of republican presidential candidate Duncan hunter.

That’s what we know. Hunter, who served in congress for the 14th time, is the highest-ranking republican on the house armed services committee. He served in San Diego, and his illegal immigration was a major part of his campaign. But I would like to assure you that most of you don’t know the presidential candidate. So here’s the political journalist John malleus of San Diego and BBS.

Hey, John.

Mr. John marilos (political correspondent for the San Diego joint BBS newspaper) : good morning.

Stuart: how did Duncan hunt perform in San Diego? The San Diego team thought Duncan hunter had no chance at the White House.

Mr. Malus: in a word, yes. I don’t know anyone. I think most people, even his supporters, we all think this is what they think is a kind of spirit. It was a very abrupt decision – as far as I know, he never talked about running for President. Suddenly, about a year ago, in a very, very hastily arranged event, he announced that he would not run for re-election, but ran for President.

STEWART: what do we need to know about Duncan Hunter for a good education U.S. voter to vote in the GOP primary?

Mr. Malelos: well, actually he’s — maybe his signature on the border fence and immigration is defense and trade. He has a blue-collar population. He is a very economical conservative and a social conservative, but he conflicts with the local business community or at least a lot of business communities because he is very strongly opposed to most trade agreements.

He voted against the north American free trade agreement. He – every campaign speech is very focused on trade with China, and his argument is that the Chinese are engaging in unfair trade practices. This seems to be a personal obsession with hunter, if you like, because I haven’t heard of any other candidates you can trade with China. Of course, before the Democrats regained control of congress, he was chairman of the house armed services committee, so he had been very influential in defense policy for years.

Stuttgart: San Diego is a military town, we should point out.

Mr. Marerus: yes, not as much as before. You know, a few decades ago the army may be the backbone of the local economy, and considering the population growth and emerging industries, as you know, tourism is now more dominant than the military, but they are still a strong military presence.

Stewart: when it comes to the military, another republican candidate I card than suggested that if he wants to win pupil, if he wants to win the nomination, he may appoint, if he wants to win the presidency, he would appoint Duncan hunter for secretary of defense. Have you heard of it?

Mr. Marilos: yes, I did. You know, there are a lot of reasons why people run for President, except to really believe that he’s going to be President, and it’s one of those people who have developed a similar level of talent.

Stewart: you can see it’s a good fit? Can you see what he might be interested in?

Mr. Malus: well, it’s hard to say. I don’t understand why he didn’t. However, this is very consistent with his interests and his background.

Stewart: how is he considered to be a member of congress at home? He was reelected several times. Does he serve his area?

Mr. Marleroth: I think on the ballot, you would say he has. This is, you know, his area is actually east of San Diego – after the latest rezoning, so it’s a very, very conservative territory. So, you know, he set up his area very well.

Stewart: do you expect him to go far, or do you expect him to drop out soon? What is his money like? What was his war chest like?

Mr. Marrero: minimum. And he stay in terms of public appearance of a very light schedule, you know he will take part in all the debate and all the candidates BBS, but beyond that he has a fairly similar activity schedule, told me that he had to, the inability to understand his resources just to burden his position there. You know, I mean, you know, as I pointed out before, running for President is a pretty good soap box for these people. At least until California elementary school, he wanted to stay, and there was more debate, even though he didn’t seem to have appeared in the early stages, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Stewart: finally, as a local political reporter, can you reveal to us something we don’t know the contents of the Duncan hunter, who only California local political reporters can tell us something about Duncan hunter, some deep dark secret. If he had anything, I wouldn’t have it, but some strange personal hygiene, nervous tics, favorite snacks, and anything you picked.

Mr. Marerus: well, I mean, he’s a great outdoors man.

Stewart: him?

Mr. Marilos: oh, yes. He wants to go hunting. I mean, it’s his favorite thing in the world, you know…

Stewart: not mitt romney’s style, just like he did.

Mr. Marilos: oh, yes. And, you know, hunting isn’t something I’m interested in, but people I know travel with him and say he’s funny. They just agreed at the beginning of the weekend. Ok, we don’t talk politics.


Mr. Marilos: and…

STEWART: we’re shooting something.

Mr. Marelis:… He is a very attractive man, in which case he is very interesting.

Stewart: is he good with the media?

Mr. Marylos: he’s a little hot and cold. I’ve been getting along well with him, but he’s been known for some reason to be angry for some reason, or to refuse to talk to them for a while…

Stuart: oh, he has a grudge.

Mr. Marelis: he is known.

STEWART: John Marelius, political correspondent for BBS, San Diego. Thank you very much for mentioning the republican presidential candidate, Duncan hunter.

Mr. Marilos: yes, my pleasure.

Stewart: take care.

Mr. Marilos: thank you.


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