There is good material in “hersfield”, though the style is stumbling.


There is good material in “hersfield”, though the style is stumbling.

Ellen’s drama cartoonist YiErHe stern’s biography is more like New York magazine (stern) has worked in a 300 – page gossip article, rather than modify the title of the definite article proposed records biography. In fact, hirschfeld: this biography comes from stern’s 1987 GQ magazine interview with the artist.

For those who have not been spoken by stern, she has a lot of what she calls the “rich draft” in the portrait of herschfeld. The descendant of the russian-born orthodox jewish tailor, Albert hirschfeld, was born in st. Louis in 1903 and moved to New York City with his family before he was ten years old. He likes to draw in advance. By the time he was a teenager, he had made a lot of money to display advertising, posters and brochures for several movie studios. He works seven days a week, usually freelance, through 80 years and three marriages, and also attends a theatre or dinner every week.

But Hershey field may have spent most of his time in the barber’s chair, in his bubble gum pink at the top of the Manhattan townhouse studio old oak drawing drafting table, but he was once widespread in early adulthood for months – in Paris to study painting and finished lithographic work in London, perfect, in the production line, explores his love of Moscow “through the fermentation of drama”, and later in New York show off watercolor Tehran and the colour of Bali. Stern made it clear that he was not a province.

She also provides a vivid account of the development of hersfield’s unique style, as well as the fact that several of his extended stories are as high as the long, slender signatures he is familiar with. But stern this book influenced by her own several styles to choose, including her decision by using the present tense immediately convert hirsch anfield life story – all the story of a 99 – to chase instant feeling. This is faster than her theme.

It should also be warned that stern’s narrative is filled with barely contextualized names to fill the phone book – many of which are unlikely to ring. But, as the New York times film critic Ben brent, reviews the star-studded crowd, he met the Hertz field (Vanderbilt introduced by gloria), “this is his life.” For example, the artist’s neighbors include songwriters Betty Comden, Chevy Chase, Mark Rothko and Marlene Dietrich’s daughter.

Is more difficult to ignore the stern preference for the cute pun, as a result the biography like old issue of time magazine, full of the sentence, “he ran away from home” used to describe hirsch anfield favourite cafes in Paris, and less time with the hand “in the New York times after brief will be cut off from among his drama version described his situation. Section titles including “on the roof with” and “the name of the game”, it involves the NINAs Hirschfeld release mania, after he was born of the one-child started hidden in his pictures of waves, 1945 ruffle collar and fabric drape.

When it comes to being informal, stern goes too far: clothes are “stupid” and shaving is “hairless”. “He kind of likes the look of it,” says stern’s comment about Hirschfeld’s remarkable signature Hirschfeld in 1925. She reports on what happened to his first wife: “Flo took a breath in 1985.”

For those who don’t have a delay, she has a lot of what she calls “rich choices” in this portrait of hirschfeld.

Stern, do a good job capturing hirsch’s performance, the influence of the subduction black line, therefore, Susan Dryfoos crowned him king “line” in her oscar-nominated documentary in 1996 – although David Leopold shown in 2015 with rich coffee table book, century in hirsch anfield, provide better, more vividly depicted his decades of work flow and scope. “All the actors wore a face, a line, a dress,” stern wrote. “But this is their confusion and grace from herschfeld.” Still, she points out that, while many people claim to be “Hirschfelded,” not everyone appreciates the result.

One man was his art dealer, margofagan, who helped increase the artist’s wealth by controlling inventory. Even by the standards of cartoonists, stern’s portrait is not flattering. Louise kells, the younger widow who suddenly became fascinated after the death of her second wife, British actress dolly haas. Many of the pages of his daughter Nina’s life are sad.

But there are some interesting facts in this world of newspapers and ink. One of my favorites: the hidden NINA is used by the faa and radiologists to test and improve perception. Apparently, his clever, memorable portraits still show, and herschfeld’s sharpness and observation go well beyond the chart.


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