From the assad archives, Anna wintour condemned the violence in Syria.


J cutler, with Anna wintour, ‘September’

In an industry founded on extreme thinness, September’s fashion magazines were fat -584 pages in the September issue of Vogue. That was down 36% from a year earlier.

For the past two decades, Vogue has been edited by Anna Wintour, her thin body, trademark sunglasses (in the room) and highlighted brown Bob sculpting and tailoring.

She is also known for her incredible nature – but the sphinx is the centerpiece of a new documentary about Vogue in the September issue. Director RJ cutler says he’s still not fully sure why wintour agreed to let his camera in the building.

“We look for people who need to tell their stories,” Mr. Cutler said. “It’s something everyone has heard of – who has a Anna Wintour character in comic books, movies, novels, even superman comics.”

The devil wears Prada and says nothing.

“But no one really knows who she is,” Mr. Cutler said. “To be honest, it was a very simple promotion. We met and we started talking… This is very Anna: unless she is interested in working with you, she may not be able to meet you. We had a 20-minute meeting and we rested. ”

The “September” narrative frame is a 2007 monster version – 840 pages and 4.1 pounds of fashion infatuation.

“Facts have proven that this is the single greatest ever published any magazine version,” carter said, “it’s almost like we stop filming that day, the whole world has changed.” Since then the economy has deteriorated and media companies have cut jobs, but “at that moment, we really caught a very special period.”

Behind the image, a suspicious woman?

In a surprising revelatory moment in the September issue, wintour talked about her family; She has a brother who finds low-income housing in London; A sister who participates in the rights of farmers in Latin America; The other brother is the guardian of a political editor in England.

Enlarge this picture.

In 1988, Wintour took over as Vogue at Harper’s Bazaar, New York magazine and other titles.

Roadside attractions

“I think they’re very happy with what I’ve done,” he said quietly. Then, hesitantly, “they — they’re happy, so… ”

A fragile Anna wintour?

“She’s all over the water,” cutler said. “The whole industry has a taste for Anna, and she likes it, and she doesn’t like to respond.

“However, this is a man who, like many other influential and successful people, is a human being.”

Down the hall, away from the noise.

The September issue offers another surprising personality, one of the opposite points of Wintour: fashion creative director Grace Coddington. Confident, sharp, formerly a model of red flame hair, Coddington joined the magazine at Wintour in the same year – she played a dramatic role on the screen.

“In the fashion world, everyone in grace is Anna’s legend,” Mr. Cutler said. “so the two women open a few doors to each other. That’s great.”

And these are the opposite studies.

“Anna’s office is an efficient refrigerator,” Mr. Cutler said. “However, there is a Grace Coddington office, just a little along the hall, where you may have a hookah in the middle – everyone around, relax, creative, considerate thinking. Creative grace always wants to push certain boundaries, Anna forever… Support, but in her way – be an editor, cut things. ”

Mr. Cutler believes that this tension will inform every issue of Vogue.

“A lot of people are coming, and a lot of people are under Vogue,” Mr. Cutler said. The reason people go is because they can’t afford to be sad. “”

Cutler believes the film captured some heartbreaking stories – and other things.

“You see a woman, grace coddington, who wants to break her heart,” he said. “She’s willing to fall in love one by one, and she’s doing this extraordinary job.”

Coddington appears at the end of the film as a work of human touch. When the photo spread was scrapped, cutler’s film crew was drafted to take part in a last-minute replacement. When she saw the photos, she pointed to the photographer’s central location, suggesting a digitized belly fold. Coddington navigated to the camera man’s defense.

“Personally, I think you’d better not be thin,” she retorted. “In this world, everyone is not perfect, I mean, these models are perfect – you don’t need to go to the gym.”

Mr. Cutler said it was a battle of grace coddington’s aesthetic victory: the photographer’s photograph was printed entirely because it was filmed.


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