No matter what happens… Airbnb’s “super host” comes from Tanzania?


No matter what happens… Airbnb’s “super host” comes from Tanzania?

After applying for Airbnb, Godwin dorsey waited four months for his first guest. That was in 2015. He went on to become a superhost, renting out his home in arusha, Tanzania, for $15 a night to tourists from around the world. Does he insist?

In Godwin Ndosi Facebook page, the adventures of his last year – when he travels to Europe, from wildlife safari was brought to the serengeti, and the tourists who stay at home – to complete his schedule.

“You did it, brother,” “congratulations, brother,” “you have fulfilled my dream,” wrote a friend on his Facebook wall.

Goats are curious animals, and “goats and soda” is a curious blog. Over the next week, we’ll review some of our favorite stories to see what happened… ”

Airbnb is changing the way visitors know about Africa March 1, 2016.

Ndorsi has become a model of success in arusha, Tanzania. In 2015, when he was 23, he began renting Airbnb rooms in his home to earn income.

His maasai culture requires him – the youngest in the family – to provide care for his parents, four bedroom bungalows surrounded by palm trees and a lush garden. He was stressed on how to make a living.

Ndorsey rented rooms in his house. Sometimes he takes guests to visit his aunt and uncle (pictured above).

Anika Yvette/by Godwin Ndosi.

Renting a home is a good idea. In his first year, he hosted more than 200 guests from countries such as Germany and the United States, using a variety of home rental sites and hosting “superhosts” on Airbnb. Endos dreamed of using his graduate school funding to win more customers for his wildlife park company and expand his homestay business.

We checked him in early August. The 25-year-old still welcomes visitors. Last November, he began working part-time as a graduate student at a graduate school in Tanzania — just as he had planned. He wants to use “new knowledge” to become a better entrepreneur, and he has written NPR via his Facebook messenger.

His assessment of Airbnb remains five-star. This month, one critic wrote: “his knowledge and goodness are beyond anything we can think of – including… Visit his aunt, where we roast and grind our own coffee – unforgettable!

Enddosi expanded his boarding business by building three homes in his backyard.

Ndosi used his income to increase his rental business. On the edge of his backyard, he built three thatch-roofed wooden houses, each with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom – providing more rooms for guests, he explained. He still charges $15 a night.

More and more customers mean more customers, as he leads to the serengeti national park and Kilimanjaro.

His host family business also brought some unexpected surprises.

Several former guests invited Mr. Ndorsey to visit “every time” and visited five countries in Europe earlier this year, and he was interviewed. Before his guests will he and his students are interested in travel to Tanzania and photographer group, he spent a week in Germany to teach senior students about his culture, and the feeling of working as a hunting guides.

In his village, he worked with Upendo Face. His host family will be invited to volunteer to support the orphanage. So far, his clients have sponsored five children to an English boarding school in Tanzania. He buys fruit, vegetables and handicrafts for local farmers and women vendors, bringing in income for small business owners.

Mweta Mtera, a former college roommate who runs his own safari business, says Ndosi has become the inspiration for the village. “People like Godwin, they’re very rare, maybe a fifth,” he said. “The community is looking forward to him, and they are asking him for advice on how to get more wildlife park customers and how to manage tour guides.”

“No matter what happens... Airbnb's "super host" comes from Tanzania?”的图片搜索结果Thanks to all his achievements, his parents decided in July to give him a flat – five acres of land. In the tradition of marseille, families of the land at the last moment to most young children, “when parents old, sick and dying in bed,” dorsey says, he has two sisters and one brother. But he is much older than his parents. “If you can prove that you will use the land well, they will pass it on to you,” he said.

He planted corn and sunflowers on the land and hopes to harvest the crops this month.

He was most excited about the three-bedroom house he was building in ndorsey this year, with kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms for himself.

For a boy from a small village, he said, “it’s a dream come true.”

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