Why stare at Mr Trump’s list of travel bans?



Why stare at Mr Trump’s list of travel bans?

When the White House issued a revised travel ban over the weekend, it added three countries: north Korea, venezuela and Chad.

This has angered the central African government and confused policy analysts and political observers outside the trump administration.

“Chad is very confused and confused about President trump’s decision to impose this ban on chadian nationals,” NPR’s Ofeibea quist-arcton told the morning edition. “Chad is not happy because it feels it has done its best in the fight against terrorism.”

And the language that the White House issued in the presidential executive order did little to clarify the rationale. It praised Chad as “an important and valuable counterterrorism partner” and said Washington was “looking forward to expanding that cooperation.”

Nevertheless, executive order also said that “Chad is not fully share the public safety and information related to terrorism”, “in Chad or surrounding areas active some terrorist groups, including boko haram, islamic countries in west Africa and Algeria – al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb. ”

Libya is one of eight countries where the trump order has been restricted. But other neighbours, such as boko haram’s base in Nigeria, are not on the list. Sudan, one of only three countries on the list of states that provide terrorism, has entered the previous list, but has been deleted in the latest version.

“Chad in Nigeria northeast of brocade hallam played an important role in battle, and a pound for pound sterling into, Chad’s army is one of the most difficult areas, especially in west Africa,” in the United States ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell during George W. The bush administration told NPR’s David Welna.

As the Arnie Seipel NPR reports: “new limits on Chad and north Korea is to widely from those countries national ban, for venezuela, restrictions apply to government officials and their immediate family members, these changes will be on October 18”.

Chad issued a statement calling on Washington to reconsider its decision to include it as a “serious breach of Chad’s image and good relations between the two countries”.

“The government of Chad is not understanding the official reasons behind this decision,” the statement added.

Enlarge this picture.

U.S. special forces soldiers (right) watch chadian troops and Nigerian special forces take part in the hostage rescue exercise at the end of the 2015 military exercise at the fusil in Chad.

Jerome delay/ap.

As Ofeibea notes, Chad and the United States recently in March, together with other African countries attended the Flintlock 2017 meeting, this is the latest to strengthen contact and the fight against terrorism efforts annual joint military exercises. “I was there, and I met [us ambassador] hertpasi, and he talked passionately about the relationship with Chad,” she said.

“This is confusing,” reed brody, an activist lawyer working in Chad, told the Atlantic. “I have been trying to explain to the chadians that there is no reason.”

The inclusion of Chad may be related to oil and has been a problem. Chad accused exxonmobil of exporting crude oil from Chad without fulfilling its tax obligations to African countries. In addition to the $819 million in overdue royalties, the chadian government has demanded a fine of $74 billion.

Ofeibea says people want to know if Chad means “arm-wrestling”. In addition, U.S. secretary of state rex tillerson was chairman and chief executive of exxonmobil before joining the trump administration.


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