Safe business prosperity


Safe business prosperity
On Monday, our business report focused on technology and today we have high-tech security products. It’s a good time to get into the security industry, and when we stopped at the law enforcement panel in Washington recently, we saw how good it was.
We’re standing outside the GOVSEC convention hall at the Washington convention center, where three different law enforcement agencies are holding their conventions simultaneously. We see new security technology outside the showroom, which may indicate that we will soon see a sign on the edge of the showroom, saying ‘please have a photo ID available’.
Ok, we are entering the exhibition space and entering the basement exhibition hall. In fact, we can get the news voucher, but we will not show the identity document with the photo, despite the logo.
hello How are you? I’m Steve Inskeep. I’m a national public radio reporter.
Mr. STEVE LENOX (Dedicated Micros) : I am STEVE LENOX and Dedicated Micros. We are a manufacturer of digital video recorders.
INSKEEP: I guess you must have a camera somewhere, because…
Mr. Lennock: no, they’re not hidden, really.
Mr. Lennock: they’re chrysanthemum – they’re there.
INSKEEP: well, we’re looking at the image – we’re looking at some of the images we’re standing at the booth.
Mr. Lennock: yes.
INSKEEP: you think your life is a little different because you’re in this industry and you know that you have cameras everywhere to record your movements?
Mr. LENOX: I don’t think so, because we’re used to Dedicated Micros making video. We use it as an office productivity tool.
INSKEEP: do you have a camera at work?
Mr. Lennock: absolutely. So if I call — I say ‘hey, I need to talk to Mary’. She could look at the screen and say, “Mary is not on her desk.”
INSKEEP: is it creepy for you?
Mr. Lennock: no, the feeling – I don’t know. It’s kind of like a blanket. Once you have it, you will feel comfortable.
INSKEEP: because the government and the company bought more safety equipment, he felt comfortable. Customers on this floor include two campus police officers from the university of Maryland. University police already have military rifles and they are listening to a different gun salesman.
Unidentified man # 1: we have now come out with a pump patrol gun.
Unidentified man # 2: less positive.
Unidentified person # 1: absolutely right, that’s what you want to do.
INSKEEP: your gentlemen just say your name, that’s what we say.
SHAWN ELLIOTT, university of Maryland police officer SHAWN ELLIOTT.
INSKEEP: you are…
Mr. RICHARD INGETUWA (campus police at the university of Maryland) : the university of Maryland police department, RICHARD ignua.
INSKEEP: I know. You said you had an ar-15, the kind of rifle that American soldiers might use. If you’ve ever used this situation at the university of Maryland, what’s the situation?
Mr. Elliott: not yet. The possibilities are there.
INSKEEP: because no one knows what’s going to happen, it’s hard to say more security. Homeland security advisor Joshua Snyder (ph) expects private companies to be asked to buy more.
Mr JOSHUA SNYDER (homeland security adviser) : because if you look at key infrastructure now owned by a commercial company, whether it is a chemical plant, etc., can easily see the government will enter and develop safety standards. The airline industry, for example, now spends $6 billion a year on security. I think the government will eventually do this for other industries that need to improve security.
(sound of machine operation)
Unidentified female: please enter.
INSKEEP: some companies buy machines like this on the conference floor. It looks like a giant metal detector. It detects traces of explosives by sniffing.
(sound of machine operation)
Unidentified woman: a shooting jet.
INSKEEP: ok, I just sprayed a bunch of jets. There are indications that it is considering…
Unidentified female: please quit.
INSKEEP: oh, please quit, it says.
(sound of equipment launching)
INSKEEP: ok, we heard some launches, some of them exploded. We are now trying to chase the sound because none of the display modes of the booths can see what is happening. Well, we’re entering a zone – the concrete floor has been cleared away, except for two dead bodies in the middle, the floor is relatively open. They’re actually mannequins. These mannequins are as heavy as humans, and help police practice pulling victims out of the shooting. And the room was full of light, and people like the Maryland police, phith, could practice shooting.
Officer KEITH BRETT (Maryland) : this is the so-called “bull’s lamp”. (ph)
INSKEEP: cow lamp?
BRETT: it’s just for practice.
(the sound of the trigger is pulled several times)
INSKEEP: does it light a beam of light?
BRETT’s official: exactly. It’s a laser.
INSKEEP: you just opened me seven times.
BRETT: you can see it. I see. – exactly.
INSKEEP: at the recent conference, business people hoped that presentations like this would improve their chances of achieving sales goals.


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