Review: magriban, ’01DEAS’


Review: magriban, ’01DEAS’
How do you define an outsider – in music and in life? Although Ayman Rostom are called by the name of Dr Zygote created nearly two decades of beautiful samples of hip hop music programs, but he approached the house, the rhythm of the with thrilling attitude that influenced his choice to do this nickname: his class. This is what the people around guildford, in the mid-west town of surrey, in which rostom grew up, are known as the north African. He is a regular visitor to the pub frequented by rostock and his friends. Have this sentence is a sharp word – as it did to the maghreb, extending from the Mauritania to the extension of Libya’s coastline sub-saharan Africa – indicates that this person is not one of them.
Rostom believes there are many reasons for this. The son of an Egyptian immigrant, he said, said his longstanding love for hip-hop had “cast a shadow” over his “view that anything that is not 95bpm is extremely negative”. In 2011, however, a British club in a period of instability – hip hop and filth, houses and modern, the late dubbing and bass are finding their genre boundaries are more porous than usual – it’s an opportunity for creative limited practice (think: Brian Eno “leaning strategy”) infiltrated his sampler, open his mind to do the miracle of the dance floor, while Rostom starts to make strange the fast rhythm of the music. Most are still built from samples, but they mark a breakthrough from his music history. Since then, the stable production of singles – his class for Rostom Bandcamp page, but also for like Paris’ Versatile and Bristol black acres – respect tags – he found that his house to rise.
His debut album class 01 deas and unsolved about approaching Rostom scarce concept in the field of production, make accessible and populist dance music in the old style full of identifiable sounds and phrases, but not weakened his output or trample other people’s heritage. You his current direction can be compared with four Tet moment of abstract, or compare Mr Scruff and st. Germain Mr Manufacturers at the turn of the century samples including classic rising trend, but it still does not explain personality quirks and interest in music Rostom sows in the whole album.
The opening of 01DEAS will be familiar as a link to the album. Diligence of the conductor can easily identify the Eddies in the synthesis of phrases within the scope of a mile and r of the “crime” jazz piano with hi rhythm, and then put forward the track – the former in their own direction riding a flange guitar and intermittent black drumming to black voice area, which added a ghostly voice effect, the title of it to be black tip. Although the raw material in magriban later became more chaotic, the strategy of placing similar tracks next to each other continued (almost like a chapter). This helps the 01DEAS’ remix process and intelligent editing (13 tracks are less than 6 minutes long, including less than 4 in the trilogy) is a careful listener’s dream.
The two special “chapters” of 01DEAS make the whole album stand out. If it was found that the family music that pushed rostom to 120bpms was not – thankfully – completely tampered with magriban’s writing style, hip-hop did not disappear from his palette. The instrument “cannot breathe” may include a house in its center, but its layered bass and drum slots beg for a rapper who can hop in a harder rhythm. In the next song, “hey top remix”, the Los Angeles MC AFRO does so, mimicking the saxophone pipeline and using a specially designed process to “turn the pie around”. This is a nostalgic concept with contemporary executive power, which makes Kaytranada one of the hottest producers of the game.
More importantly, the four-track music, Rostom’s interest in various African dance music has been developed. The “Sham” bold Afrobeat made of drums and technical keys, and the “Mbira”, which combines the name of the thumb piano with the space age synthesizer in a typical environmental ritual, are natural and easy to love. The two-guitar-driven “Mike’s Afro” collaborates with Gatto Fritto, like a small west African discotheque, which has been around the European dance floor for the past few years. Is one of the most important “Revenge”, it found that young singers and Zimbabwe Mbira player Rutendo Machiridza locking in a trance of groove, Rostom before return to close peak time steps similar to the voice of the fault.
Though rostov, tell me in an interview, he still felt “a little outsiders, violated the dance music of the world”, but also the world beyond the previously accepted weird line, this is also true. The so-called “outsider” has become another hated, almost meaningless subculture, more culturally oriented than sound. “I put the label on myself, which is the weight I choose to carry, but I may not want to,” rostrom admitted. It’s hard when it’s part of the name you’re applying for. 01DEAS once again proved that his self-awareness would not interfere with his ideas.


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