The “lost America” of Albert Brooks is still penetrating 32 years later.


The latest DVD and blu-ray movie released in 1985 was a carefully planned Los Angeles couple’s decision to become a free-spirited nomad. The critic John bowles says losing America is a time comedy.
This is fresh air. Like woody Allen before him, Albert Brooks gave up independent comedy to make his own films. Our critic John bowles thinks Brooks’s 1985 film “lost in America” is a masterpiece. It was just released by Criterion on DVD and blu-ray. “Lost in America” is the story of the Los Angeles couple, played by Brooks and Julie Haggerty, who decide to be a free-flowing nomad. John just looked at it a million times and said it was one of the greatest comedies of the last 40 years.
JOHN POWERS, wired: lots of comedians are funny. But only a few people have the genius to shape the terrain. One of them is Albert Brooks, who, in a cosmic prank, may be most familiar with the sound of marin in “finding nemo” today. But as early as the early 1970s, in a series of famous gentlemen’s articles and a series of legendary “tonight shows,” Brooks was delighted with the style and tradition of the three-dimensional comedy.
After making a comedy comedy, he paved the way for Steve Martin, David letterman, and bill Murray and other entertainers. By the late ’70s, Brooks was making movies, starting with three breakthrough comedies, exploring the triumph of modern narcissism in all the dreaded comedy. One of the greatest is “lost in America”, which is also popular in a new set of Criterion Collection I highly recommend.
The height of the Reagan era, the “lost in America” co-written with monica Johnson, was associated with the 1985 selfie mania, which was associated with our 1985 selfie mania. Brooks was named after Los Angeles advertiser David Howard. “Crazy man” don draper looks like a great Shakespearean figure. And Julie Hagerty plays the wife Linda live together in a comfortable middle-class life, nervous, David is looking forward to a promotion, so that he could buy a new Mercedes, and get a bigger house. When the promotion was rejected, he angrily left his job and asked Linda to give up her job. He insisted that they must sell everything and go on the road and be free. Here, Linda responds to his ideas and gets a mobile home.
(movie voice, “lost America”)
JULIE HAGERTY :(like Linda) so, what do you think is the cost of a car home?
Albert Brooks :(like David) guess who went to the car shopping? My friend – the car salesman. 450,000 – complete a great one. Thirty feet long, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, a microwave, a brown TV, a small TV – beautiful and beautiful. Better than our new house – it has wheels, too. Good. Now, this gives us $145,000 in cash. Now, play the devil’s advocate. If you live in a car home, just eat, paint and write books, can’t you live to $145,000 in 20 years? I mean, this is what we talked about when we were 19. Remember we kept saying let’s find ourselves? Well, we don’t have a dollar, so we watch TV. Linda, it’s like “easy rider,” except now it’s our turn. I mean, we can quit, we can still have our nest eggs. I just think it’s unheard of.
Horse power: before we knew it, the two men were cruising the east side of winnebago, making their easy version of the cavaliers. But when they stopped to get married in Las Vegas, all things are bulging with neon will have unforeseen consequences, including David and Gary Marshall played late collisions between classic casino boss. Since then, David and Linda have found themselves living in a completely different reality than they imagined, and more interesting, in part because its stars match perfectly.
Brooks is one of the most ambitious movies ever made. And his verbal mania was just a blur of haggerty’s eyes. Now Brooks’s comic book method is unemotional and often uncomfortable. David may be too human. Brooks clearly saw something of his own. But he’s far from cute. Indeed, in the way that “inhibiting enthusiasm”, Brooks’s work creates the archetype of an annoying, selfish hero, stewing in anxiety, distrust and always the right feeling. When there is an “lost” in the United States, it is considered to be immediately irony to yuppie this emerging species, their materialism, rights awareness, and to the world is their oyster irrational beliefs.
Were not too clear, Brooks is one of the first master Bohemia bourgeois socialism essence filmmakers, they tried to have money and comfort and embrace of rebel cool life. The fantasy is still alive in today’s urban strivers, who are trying to create millions of dollars to play black glue, go savage and drink handmade coffee. Although David and Linda are actually upset drivers, they don’t know how to change their lives. The way they travel is not the “easy rider” fantasy of America.
Once, they had a fight in front of the hoover dam. This part is about the visual impairment of scale. Their personal quarrel was overpowered by the dam. But we also feel the gap between the great spirit of the collective spirit and the decadent landscape of their travels, the gap between the mini mall and Der Wienerschnitzel. If the United States is more than that, they can’t see it, and that’s not to say they learn anything from the road.
Instead, they find out who they really are and how they really want to live. This self-knowledge leads to an evil optimistic ending, including the biggest blockage in Manhattan for parking. David and Linda only stopped getting lost in America when they found America. If they had a choice, they would rather be free.
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