A sister shares her brother’s vital ‘terrible and wonderful’ memory.


The writer Stephanie Wittels Wachs, who received a phone call from her loving and successful brother Harris three days before her wedding, Shared some surprising news.
How was it before? “He told me he was a drug addict,” Wachs said. He died two years later. Harris vitesse is an enthusiastic and respected Hollywood comic writers, he became at the age of 30 NBC company joint executive producer of parks and recreation, and participated in the award-winning show like “no master”.
Everything is terrible and good is VAX’s life memoir, her loss and the lesson to be Shared. “It gushes out of me, in a way that I can only describe as an exorcism,” she said. “I have consumed all the negative emotions that might be consumed, which is a terrible place, and I really want to talk to him.”
What happened to her brother?
I think this is one of the reasons why I wrote this book. In this book, I call it the crazy investigation stage – after something very meaningless, the people who stay here will be responsible for understanding it. I think he has an excessive tendency. As a man, he was happy. He wants to have everything on the buffet line, not just one thing. I also think he has a mind that never stops working. He has been making jokes and observing the world in comic form, which I think is probably very tiring, and he needs to relax and close. So I think these combinations are why we’re here.
I think a 30-day plan could become another high. It’s a good height again. You feel yourself, you feel your body, you feel in your head, you feel control again, and you think, ok, I can do it again. I’m in a good place. I’ll use it again. It’ll be fine. One of those who met with us after the death explained to us that it was often the thing that killed the addict, the “once again” mentality.
The question of whether “sister” is a noun or a verb.
I can tell you that since his death, I have really not done anything, just think, deal, write, and respect my brother. I have been a verb since his death. I think I think both. I think I’ll always be his sister.
What about her mother and father?
When a child dies, it does some Numbers in the family. Parents do not want to bury their children. I think for our family, because we have the basis of laughter and joy, and, you know, we are a strange family, we love each other, it’s really hard. A lot of our attention is focused on sadness. My mother is very active in her sorrow. Speaking in high school, she set up a support group for families in Houston who overdose on other family members. My father is a hundred per cent negative – he’s very lonely in his grief, and I think it’s harder for him. I think when you can’t talk about it and express it, it makes you eat… It’s like every family, you move on, you know?


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