The two novelists revisited their beloved characters after a 15-year hiatus


In 2002 and 2003, Alison Pearson and lauren weisberg published novels that shook the lives of women who were privileged enough to yearn for more.

I don’t know how she is doing this is to treat as mother’s praise, Pearson her starring Kate reddy for each tried to in holding a briefcase and heels ramshackle when trying to play with three dozen baking cake woman stand out.# Weisberger took advantage of her work at Vogue to create a bizarre editor for the Devil Wears Prada. In the 2006 film adaptation of steel Miranda Priestley was a steely meryl streep immortality, he did not suffer stupid – especially those who wear the wrong blue.

The authors returned to the follow-up work on June 5. How difficult could Pearson be? Kate plans to reenter the workforce at home with her children after nearly a decade at home. Weisberger when life gives you Lululemons center is not in the devil wears prada Andrea sachs, but in her colleague Emily charlton (Emily blunt in the happy cold character in the movie). Emily, now a celebrity image consultant, returned from Los Angeles to the east coast only to find out that the younger generation was ready to take over and that she needed to move quickly.

The new novel is a departure from an era when so-called chickens often reinforce gender stereotypes, proving that it is better than previous books at shaping the whole of individual women and human beings. Fifteen years after her last appearance, each story draws a female character and shows her changes at work and at home. One interesting thing happened on the way to 2018: Kate and Emily changed the way they looked at other women in their lives. At the turn of the millennium, other women competed. “I’ve learned that the world of women is divided into two parts,” Kate lamented at the time There is another. She feels guilty about being the latter. Emily is tortured by Miranda, used to torture Andre, devalue tasks and furtive insults, and is certain that she will never need anyone’s help.

Now Kate and Emily are 50 and 36, respectively. Kate is still obsessed with her children’s demands, and Emily still wants to look great in the designer bikini. But when they were driving in the new age group, they all found solidarity with other women in a way that they didn’t have before.

Kate has rediscovered her neglected girlfriends as they struggle in later middle age, from sagging to nursing. Emily uncle her judgment, linked to a “fr” and “fr” lawyer, turns to a stay-at-home mother seeking help with a pr crisis with another woman.

These books are very interesting and cannot be assumed – but they are. Pearson and Weisberger know their characters and audience well, and even their worst jokes get laughs. Weisberger wrote that when life gives you Lululemons a neutral family room, it’s like fifty shades of grey without S and M. “Adding laughter to all the warm, fuzzy female solidarity makes for a pretty good time.


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