Dressing up as Santa Claus is a serious matter.


Dressing up as Santa Claus is serious business.

Jonathan rice was first and foremost an entertainer. At the age of 62, he had his own wikipedia page detailing his 12 years as Santa’s entertainer. He’s also a picture of Santa on the wikipedia page, which could mean he’s actually Santa.

When I called him to ask him how he felt, his voice sounded happy: “my daughter was nominated for a grammy award.” But I had a feeling that I had not only caught him in the morning, but that his happiness had not wavered. I soon learned that he thought the show was a happy part of the year. Maybe that’s why he has such a steady job.

Next, he was told (probably true) about Santa’s account.

The light bulb moment

My daughter will tell you, “dad became an empty old man, Santa Claus.” When she went to college, I entered it. My wife suddenly bought a Santa suit from eBay, and frankly, “man, lose weight,” and it was fun to wear a suit, but I never wanted to be a Santa. I mean, I’m a shape, I have a big beard, people keep telling me I look like Santa Claus, but I never thought about it.

And then one day — that was about 12 years ago — when you were lying in the bathtub, I had an idea. I used to sing in a wonderful performance on the team, it reminds me of: in the Santa Claus clothes, maybe I can hear the Bing Crosby, and others in the 40 s and 50 s hear those wonderful Christmas songs. Isn’t that right? Maybe I can go to New York by myself!

So I wrote a song called Santa Sings. I hired musicians and arrangers – we did everything. Then I found a band and did a couple of shows. It was great. But there’s no need to sing Santa Claus! It was a rude awakening, but the truth is, I did it, wearing a suit and letting the artist go.


I’m part of the real bearded Santa Claus international fraternity, and I sit on the board. We have 1,700 members. I know a lot. I’m not the most beautiful Santa Claus, but the motto here is “beauty in the eyes of the beholder.” Some people like little Santa Claus, some people like the incredible Santa Claus. As it turns out, I fit a very special Santa mold. I’m the spitting image of Coca-Cola Santa Claus, and this is my job: I went on a phone call and Coca-Cola saw it. I participated in the sports activities in 2016 and 2017. There should be some billboards in times square this year!

My picture of myself as the inner Santa appeared in the radio city concert hall. I have already appeared in the delta airlines flight safety video – in the name of “helping others before you wear safety helmet” part fell off the oxygen mask, and then I put it on the above, and then help an elf. Many friends recognized me.

I also have a special Santa flying suit that I wear on the plane. It was a red jumpsuit with flying wings and an embroidered sleigh with reindeer on the back that read “Santa’s flying school”. One of my favorite things to do is walk on a plane, put my hand in the cockpit, and say, “you know, I’m a flyer.” This is great. They love it.

But do you know who loves Santa at the airport? The TSA. They’re crazy. I gave them a formal id card and said, “this is my clark Kent,” and they turned it over. You think this will be another way – they’ll see me and ask for a cavity search. But it’s interesting

When you show Santa Claus, you automatically notice that your heart is getting bigger. It’s like stealing Christmas from grinch. As your heart grows larger, you realize that your children want a happy and dedicated adult experience. When you’re a Santa Claus store, you ask the kids what makes them spank, what makes them happy, and you make them happy. All right.

Unfortunately, sometimes, when I was in the shopping center, who did this was a picture of the company I worked for — god forbid, there was a company there — they wanted it to be about pictures. But it’s not about this painting, it’s about childhood. Then, if you can get a good picture, no problem.

Many children were afraid at first, either because people know you are naughty or good throughout the year, or because they are well trained, don’t trust to a stranger, or because their parents said: “in the fat man’s lap,” this is very strange! But as Santa, you can make these moments wonderful. Some children need enthusiasm, hao hao! But most people just need warm greetings and laughter and are asked what they expect from Christmas. It’s that simple. When kids ask me if I’m real, I say, “of course I am! I’m with you! “But I never promised anything. I just listen and say, “it’s a good thing,” or “we’ll see “(actually, I learned it from my mother.)

Santa never pushes anything and Santa is a container. A safe space. Santa Claus does not bring the advantages of capitalism – other entities and marketers also bring it. My behavior toward Santa Claus is pure and simple. Santa Claus originated as a former Christian and does not really belong to any religion. Every religion has some Santa Claus. Some people tried to put Santa in that box, but my father wasn’t there for Christmas.

We are all peacocks. We like our clothes. This is a suit, but we like to cheat. The right belt, the right shoes, the right fur. I have ten suits. I have three sets of Coca-Cola suits, three sets of standard Then we went crazy. I have an all-german leather pants and leather shorts, and we haven’t even talked about summer suits. Santa Claus is a dressed horse.

The standard Santa release is called engineer startup. I have a pair of ordinary leather and patent leather. People are sharp patent leather. It’s expensive because it’s not just a suit, you’ll never buy it. You must have accessories. You need a good magic key. I have a real waiter, a real bell on a reindeer’s leather cord. It will last forever.

It’s the kiss of death: “Santa, we’ve got a place for you by the fire.” The suit is designed to be 24 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s too bad. Some Santa Claus, especially in California, made a copy of the seminar. They wear the whole outfit, and then they take off their coats very ceremoniously and put them on the hanger, so they don’t have to sit in the 20-degree dress at the 85-degree store all day.

Sometimes you’re super sweaty, but the funny truth is: almost every dry cleaner cleans Santa’s clothes for free.

Display Santa throughout the year.

These days I have a short beard, but when I’m full of beard/hair, I’m recognized throughout the year in Santa mode. This is part of why there is a “real bearded Santa”, because real beards are available every day. That’s part of the deal. You represent Santa Claus. I’ve never had a problem with happiness. It’s part of the phone. I think there will be other santas fighting for it, but I’m happy, outgoing, enthusiastic, and when he asks Santa, I never have any problems.

But because I went to a shorter beard, I really don’t look like Santa Claus. As far as my weight is concerned, I’m laying it down these days. Santa agrees with this aesthetic ideal, and I certainly know that some people will never refuse cookies. I already know to refuse a cookie, but I’m asking for celery.

It does reduce the pleasure it brings. This is a responsibility. There is a misconception that Santa is a punisher, but what you’re talking about is Santa is about happiness and love. There’s no such thing as a bad boy. They may be a bit misleading, mischievous or angry, but the children need to celebrate. This season is about celebrating family, unity and togetherness, not our differences.


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