After the exit, hunter college President’s management style was taken seriously


After quitting, the dean’s management style was taken seriously

Hunter college is growing fast, Jennifer j. Rapid-fire President raab recently received a $25 million donation, the largest in the college’s history. Last month, hunt won approval from the city’s planning department to build a science and health building that will house the memorial sloan-krist cancer center. On Tuesday, Ms. Raab will redesign the college’s library in phase 1 – a bright, engaging public space that can change the compact vertical campus space.

This should be the labrador’s 12-year unqualified victory. But at the beginning of the summer, the outgoing assistant dean wrote a letter condemning “a culture of personal aggression and fear and mistrust.”

“I have seen her publicly humiliate and humiliate people for her own sake,” assistant dean maria dolerg Anderson said in the letter.

Ms Anderson’s departure was made up of three senior executives: Mr Hunter’s legal adviser, chief operating officer and dean of the academy of arts and sciences.

Many of these changes have taken place in ms rab’s tenure. The university of the arts and sciences, with 17,000 students, has six full or interim deans during this period. There are five social work schools. The fundraising office has undergone ten leadership changes. In hunter’s famous high school, three principals left within five years.

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Some of these administrators maintain good conditions. Other offices are more stable. However, the criticism of Michael Fabricant, a professor at the school of social work, and members of the union representing the city university of New York, described many of the deviations from their temperamental management style.

“These problems can indeed be based on fear, intimidation and humiliation based on assumptions and actions,” he said, as well as threats to withdraw resources on the basis, particularly those “as chairmen of departments of interest.”

Barbara bowen, the union’s President, said the number of complaints about the hunter atmosphere far exceeded those of 17 other New York City universities.

The hunter riots at one of the city university of New York came at a critical moment when the system was searching for a new prime minister and the mayor’s office was selecting five of the 17 board members to change hands. (the governor selects most boards)

Mr Hunter’s fortunes soared during Mr Rab’s tenure. Enrollment is more competitive and the faculty is more outstanding. A series of exquisite real estate business – one for the master of art project found a shiny TriBeCa home, school social work from the upper east side moves to east harlem more relevant communities, a ramshackle double town franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt established the institute for public policy research and amazing exhibition – change the existence of the hunter.

New York state university interim prime minister William p. Kelly praised ms laba for her “outstanding performance”.

“The hunters are doing very well,” prime minister kelly said in an interview.

Ms laba is particularly proud of her track record in fundraising. She served as the head of the city’s iconic committee and received large donations from Lauder, Silverstein, Spitzer and Tisch. A gift from Leon Cooperman, the hedge fund, and his wife, toby, the chairman of the board, Mr. Leman cooper, met with a few lessons from the 1960s hunt.

Suddenly, Ms. Raab, 57, rattled her bangles in an impassioned manner, and new yorkers understood the power of this power intuitively, and much of the rest of the country might be scared.

“I have a vision,” she said. “I have been very determined. “I’m tough.”


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