8 health tips let you spend the summer stress


8 health tips let you spend the summer stress
8 health tips let you spend the summer stressThis is the most exciting time of the year – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the coldest. “We think summer is relaxing because we gave it up as a child, but as adults, we still have full-time jobs. When we are on vacation, we often receive hundreds of emails,” Romy Mushtaq, MD , neurologist and chief health officer at Evolution Hospitality. To spend the summer on a luxury yacht like Beyoncé, follow this expert advice.
Drinking According to a study by the University of Connecticut, even mild dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and inattention. “You don’t want to wait until you are thirsty to start hydrating,” said celebrity trainer Adam Rosant. He recommends that you drink 8 to 10 ounces of water before exercise, drink every 20 minutes during exercise, and then drink after you finish. More sweating? Mix water, a handful of Himalayan sea salt, and add half a lemon juice to the shake flask to replace the lost electrolyte.
Do a few laps. In the farmer’s market, this is the case. Summer is the easiest time for the US Department of Agriculture to recommend 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2.5 cups of vegetables, as a large number of products are at their peak. This means no pressure, almost no messy “cooking”: just throw corn, peach or zucchini on the grill, toast with sliced ​​tomatoes or cucumber, or throw the ingredients together, really, make a salad . Use the grilled chicken bought in the store, fancy-stimulated tuna or protein canned beans to complete it.

go outside. Studies have shown that “forest bathing” (basically, spending time in nature) can reduce stress. Plan a weekend hike, have lunch on the park bench, or work out outdoors. One way is to disconnect: use a city block or a quarter-mile trail marker instead of walking and running, jogging or speed walking instead of a stopwatch on a smartphone as a timer, suggest walking coach Michelle Stanten, author of Walk Going to a healthy path.
But also played the gym. According to new comments on dozens of studies, pumping iron may help boost you. The study found that weight training reduced the symptoms of depression and made people with normal mental health less likely to become sad. Although no matter how many people have the same benefits, experts recommend at least two days a week for all major muscle groups (think of the abdominal muscles, glutes, muscles and muscles).
Relax. Next time you are hanging around the pool, stuck in a traffic light, or about to have a meeting, please allow a minute to relax. First breathe three counts, pause one count, then breathe four more; repeat up to four times. Mustak said: “I call this a ‘watch out’ that everyone can do, no matter what her schedule is.” “Deep breathing actually changes the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the brain, causing your stress hormone levels to drop. .”

Talk to your doctor “I will be out of town next weekend!” You may say six times before the end of the summer. Although R&R is great, don’t relax your birth control too much, because nothing can kill the holiday atmosphere like worrying about protection. If you travel a lot, especially between time zones, ask if your subject must take birth control pills every day – sometimes at the same time of day – may be the best option.
Take a nap. Sleep deprivation can make you particularly vulnerable to stress (this, hello, vicious circle, and then keep you energized at night). To squeeze a little extra eye, try to doze off during the day. “I am a big nap fan,” says Holly Phillips, MD, author of The Exhaustion Breakthrough. “They help boost energy.” To prevent them from becoming drowsy or affecting your night’s sleep, limit your nap to 30 minutes and try taking it between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.
Reject it. Click #howisummer and it looks like everyone is drinking an iced cocktail in the infinity pool or at the rooftop bar. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of your summer: Separate your joyful activities from what you say because they can be used on Instagram. Mustak said: “Some people will feel energetic because they go to the barbecue or concert, while others like to read in the park or take a walk on the beach.” “The key is to know what is actually recovering, then Load it – and filter out the rest.”


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