Eating before eating will double the effect of burning fat on food!



First of all, you must eat before exercise, but it is best to take 2 hours before exercise, so that you can maintain a good training state, and will not cause stomach upset. At the same time, you should pay attention to the choice of food. Foods with low glycemic index and foods with lower glycemic index can both enhance athletic performance and promote fat consumption.

1, warm food

In order to speed up the burning of fat, you should try to eat some warm foods in an hour before exercise, in order to effectively improve the body’s basal metabolic rate. For example, like carrots, onions, leeks, peppers, ginger, onions, garlic, pepper, etc., these foods are the best choice before exercise, but if you suffer from stomach upset, you should try to eat less, so as not to increase the burden on the stomach.

2, the right amount of carbohydrates

In the slimming stage, calorie intake should be strictly controlled, but strict control does not mean hungry. If you exercise to lose weight while you are hungry, it will not let you achieve the purpose of losing weight. On the contrary, it will also make you compensate, so you usually eat more after exercise. So one hour before exercise, it is best to add some carbohydrates, such as high-fiber biscuits, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc.

Appropriate supplementation of these foods can not only avoid the discomfort of excessive blood sugar drop after exercise, but also increase the durability of exercise. If you feel hungry before exercise, you can also drink low-sugar drinks such as honey water or low-sugar soy milk.

3, more than 500cc warm water

During exercise, the body consumes a lot of heat, and at the same time promotes blood circulation, resulting in a large loss of water. And with the loss of sweat, there is still a lot of electrolytes. If you can’t sleep in time, it will lead to serious dehydration. Therefore, you must pay attention to more hydration before exercise, and this can also accelerate the burning of body fat.

4, sugar-free coffee

The study found that the right amount of coffee before exercise can also increase the burning rate of fat, so drinking a cup of sugar-free coffee before exercise can help you burn fat quickly, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss as soon as possible. Of course, not everyone is suitable for drinking coffee before exercise. For example, some people who are prone to heart and insomnia should not drink coffee to avoid discomfort.


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