Insufficient sleep, changing 711 genes, six strokes to improve sleep deprivation


  Many people have a similar feeling: they often stay up late or work irregularly, and feel old very fast. Experiments at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom have shown that the function of 711 genes has changed in participants who lack sleep, which involves genes involved in metabolism.

  How to improve sleep deprivation

  First, sleeping posture

  Regardless of men, women and children, the best sleeping position is the right side, because it will not oppress the liver, and the human tongue will also fall to the right, to ensure the smooth flow of breathing. Pregnant women should choose the left lateral position. Because the left lateral position can reduce the right rotation of the uterus, relieve the uterine blood supply. As the saying goes, “Standing like a pine, sitting like a bell, lying like a bow”, when you sleep, the body bends like a bow, which can relax the muscles of the whole body and help to improve the quality of sleep.

  Second, drinking is not good for sleep

  Many people misunderstand the wine and misunderstand drinking to help sleep. Of course, it is easy to fall asleep after drinking, but the sleep induced by alcohol is not easy to last. When the alcohol is gone, it is easy to wake up, and it is difficult to fall asleep after waking up. And alcoholics can easily lead to more severe asphyxia insomnia.

  Third, maintain moderate exercise

  Maintain a half-hour to one-hour exercise every day to flexibly move all organs of the body. However, strenuous exercise should be avoided before going to sleep. It is wrong for someone to want to exercise vigorously before going to bed, so that the body is tired and then easy to sleep.

  Fourth, relax before going to bed

  Avoid excessive work or labor for half an hour before going to bed. Even if you want to take the exam tomorrow, you will never go to bed with the problem of thinking. Listening to light music before going to sleep helps to sleep.

  Five, the best sleep time

  The body clock of the human body has a low tide between 22 and 23 o’clock. Therefore, the best time for sleep should be from 21 to 22 o’clock. If it has not fallen asleep after 23 o’clock, it will be difficult to fall asleep after 24 o’clock.

  Six, avoid taking sleeping pills

  Insomniacs should not buy hypnotic drugs themselves without the prescription of a physician. Even if you want to take a big test tomorrow, insomnia overnight does not necessarily affect your grades. Although sleeping pills can make people fall asleep, the side effects after the next day’s medicine are not good for the body and mind. 


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