Where is the earlobe skin wrinkles or arteriosclerosis?


What are the early symptoms of arteriosclerosis?

1, dizziness and headache

Early arteriosclerosis can cause dizziness and headache, and it can cause dull pain in the forehead and hindbrain. Dizziness occurs when the body changes. Unsteady walking can also cause dizziness, nystagmus, nausea, etc., and is accompanied by difficulty in handling.

2, memory loss

Early arteriosclerosis can cause people’s lack of concentration, labor ability to decline, work and study are very difficult, and memory loss is very fast, and things are going on, but the memory defect performance is not very obvious.

3, early sleep disorders

Early arteriosclerosis manifests insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, dreaming, easy to wake up, night sweats and so on. And emotional behavior changes a lot. In addition, arteriosclerosis can be caused by different brain tissue involvement, and it is a diversified condition.

4, earlobe skin wrinkles

American medical scientists found in the autopsy that all patients who died of coronary heart disease had almost a wrinkle on the skin of the earlobe.

He was inspired by this unexpected discovery and performed coronary angiography on those with earlobe wrinkles. He found that 90% of them had coronary heart disease.

There are 300 cases of middle-aged and elderly patients with fundus arteriosclerosis in China. It is found that there are 287 people with earlobe wrinkles, and the consistency rate of wrinkles and arteriosclerosis is 95%.

The earlobe is the part of the body that is made up of connective tissue and is quite sensitive to ischemia. When the body arteriosclerosis, like the myocardial tissue, the earlobe has microcirculation disturbance and wrinkles appear.

Early symptoms of arteriosclerosis Symptoms of arteriosclerosis show what happens to arteriosclerosis



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