Hand movement health mastering skills are key


Everyone knows that ten fingers are connected. Therefore, in the life must do more finger movements in order to play a good health effect. In fact, there are so many skills in hand exercise, as long as you master these skills, you can keep your body in a healthy environment. Let’s take a look at the health effects of the exercise in the opponent’s department.

  1, the spleen and stomach are not good to shave

  The thumb in the hand corresponds to the lungs of the human body. If the lungs of the human body are poor, the mood will be affected. Therefore, when people have symptoms of palpitation and chest tightness, they can scratch their thumbs and pull the outside of the thumb to the outside to achieve a certain relief effect.

  2, constipation scraping index finger

  The corresponding part of the large intestine in the human body is the index finger, and the corresponding organ is the stomach and large intestine of people. Therefore, if people are often plagued by symptoms of diarrhea or constipation , they need to scrape the index finger properly.

  3, pat the palm of your body is healthier

  Most of my friends know that there are many acupuncture points on the soles of people. In fact, in addition to the feet, there are many acupuncture points and meridians in the palm. Therefore, in order to make everyone’s body healthier, it is necessary to pat the palms more, which can play a health care effect.

  4, back pain, want to clap your back

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the place corresponding to the waist is on the back of the human hand. Therefore, friends who often have backache or low back pain in their lives must pat the back of their hands and often carry out this exercise, which can achieve a good relief effect.

  Learned here, I believe that friends are already known hand movements and health of the coup. Therefore, as long as a friend has these symptoms, it can be relieved by the movement of the hand. Although the movement relief effect of the hand can not be immediately seen, as long as it persists, it can still achieve very significant results.


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