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If you want to exercise a little bit every day but don’t like strenuous exercise, then you can choose a low-impact exercise that also achieves fitness.

    Performing low-impact exercise can improve your health and prevent your body joints from being subjected to unnecessary weight-bearing stress while exercising . Studies have shown that moderate-intensity, low-impact sports such as yoga and walking have the same fitness effects as high-impact sports (such as running), all of which help reduce the risk of heart disease. Moreover, some people are not suitable for high-impact exercise: pregnant ; joints, bones or connective tissue have been injured; suffering from chronic diseases such as arthritis , osteoporosis or stress fractures; obese patients and just beginning The crowd doing physical exercise.

  One of the top trainers at a fitness facility in the UK said that low-impact sports would not stress too much joints. Therefore, this type of motion is less likely to have impact-type joint damage , such as an ankle sprain or cartilage tear. Here are some of the most popular low impact sports.

First, walk

  Walking is currently the most popular low-impact exercise, helping the cardiovascular system to function properly and burning calories. Regular walks have been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, stroke and certain types of cancer .

  In order to improve your heart rate, you can choose a walking movement that is slightly faster than walking. You can increase the intensity of your workout by choosing the speed of your walking, such as taking a little steep slope or suddenly walking for a while. If you are a person who wants to exercise but lacks motivation, you can start working with the step group when you start exercising. You can make new friends and keep driving.

 Second, the pedal exercise

  Whether at home or in the fitness classroom, if you like choreography, but can’t handle high or low aerobics continuous slamming, aerobic stepping is a good choice. As you step onto this elevated platform, your heart rate will increase without having to do any jumping.

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 Third, stretching

  Stretching helps stretch muscles and tendons, making these parts more agile and flexible. As you get older, regular stretching exercises help keep your body flexible. Maintaining flexible tissue around the joints of the body helps to slow down the rate of common degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis . Stretching also helps to relax and reduce the chance of joint sprains, muscle strains or back problems.

 Fourth, rowing machine

  Rowing is the most complete low-impact whole-body exercise program. This is a great aerobic exercise that combines cycling and running. It only requires you to master the correct rowing position. Proper boating helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and keep the abdomen, back and upper body parts working properly. You can also use the rowing machine as a warm-up before starting other sports.

Five, cycling

  Although cycling is a low-impact sport, you can still hurt yourself if you use a bicycle that is not suitable for your model or if you place the saddle and handlebar at the wrong height. Cycling good for your lower body limbs and heart blood vessel system function, but also make you feel good, your weight can also be controlled at the level of the standard line.

  You can ride slowly at the beginning and gradually increase the length of the cycling cycle. An adult or elderly person needs to do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for at least 2.5 hours (150 minutes) per week. A 30-minute bike ride every day will not only make your breathing deeper and faster, but will also bring you closer to your weekly goals.

Six, swimming

  Swimming is a sport that can be moved to the whole body. It is a good way to adjust your body and keep your body slim. When you swim for a few lengths, most of the muscle tissue is pulled. If you increase the rhythm of swimming from time to time, you will enjoy the benefits of this aerobic exercise. If you continue to swim steadily, it will also help you lose weight.


  Pilates focuses on balancing the body and improving posture through slow control movements and constant practice. Pilates is not only gentle, but also purposefully aimed at the arms, chest and shoulders while enhancing the body’s flexibility. For people who don’t like or can’t over-jump, this sport is definitely a good choice.

  The breathing mode during Pilates training is nasal suction, which is a kind of external training for muscle shape and joints. Its training aims to improve the function of the human spine and lumbar spine by changing the muscle function of the human body.

 Eight, yoga

  Through a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises can not only improve your physical fitness, but also improve your health water level. Regular yoga practice helps develop your body’s strength, balance and flexibility, while it also enhances your mood.

  The most common type of yoga injury is caused by repeated sprains or overstretching, but yoga, like other sports, has its own unique training method. If you want to practice yoga safely, find an experienced teacher who fully understands its meaning to teach you. Learn from a qualified yoga teacher and choose a course that suits your level, so you can be protected from unnecessary damage.

Nine, Tai Chi

  Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi, is a slow and relaxed way of combining deep breathing and gentle movement. This ancient Chinese art is good for improving physical and mental health . Tai Chi exercise is slow and easy to master, so you don’t need to practice Tai Chi by improving your heart and lungs or doing a calorie-burning exercise. It improves physical fitness, body flexibility and balance.

  Tai Chi is a gentle movement. If you practice correctly, it is generally impossible to have sports injuries. And the sport involves multiple fluid movements that can help slow down the pressure on the joints or muscles.


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