What are the most beautiful and beautiful women to eat? 5 kinds of beauty and beauty blood food


  What is the most beautiful beauty for women? Check out 5 kinds of beauty and blood products for you.

  Beauty and beauty blood food 1, pig blood

  Sweet, warm, is the ideal food for detoxification and clearing the intestines, nourishing blood and nourishing the skin. When the plasma protein in pig blood is decomposed by gastric acid in the human body, it will produce a detoxifying and intestinal decomposition product, which can remove harmful dust and metal particles from the body.

  Beauty and beauty blood food 2, mung bean

  Sweet and cool, it is a standing food for clearing away heat and detoxifying and arson. Regular food can help excrete toxins in the body and promote normal metabolism of the body. Many people have been eating fatty, fried, hot foods, prone to itchy skin, acne, lice, mung beans have a powerful detoxification effect, can relieve a variety of toxins. Mung beans can lower cholesterol, but also protect the liver and anti-allergic effects. In the mung bean soup, the honey is used for drinking, and the effect of detoxifying and nourishing is even worse.

  Beauty and beauty blood food 3, red dates

  Jujube is known as “live vitamin pills”, which contains vitamin C to inhibit the oxidation of certain substances in the skin, reduce melanin formation and prevent pigmentation; its vitamin A helps to improve the skin’s water barrier properties. If combined with vitamin E (the name of “youth”, has the effect of anti-oxidation and free radical scavenging), it can delay and reverse the aging of the skin. As the saying goes, “I eat jujube in a day, and I don’t live forever.”

  Beauty and beauty blood food 4, 枸杞

  Chinese medicine believes that 枸杞 has the effect of “compensating for lack of essence, easy color, whitening, and longevity”. The great poet Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty praised it as “the top grade function of nectar, and also knows that a spoonful can be extended.” Modern society is fiercely competitive, and it is the most vulnerable to exhaustion. If you can drink a cup of ruddy and sweet, taste like grapes during the work break. Tea can be regarded as a perfect embodiment of modern women’s kindness to themselves.

  Beauty and beauty blood food 5, radish leaves

  Radish leaves are rich in life-sustaining and fibrous, promote appetite and lively intestines, and can also improve constipation. Wash and drain the fresh radish leaves into juice, then add a little honey to drink together, often drink detoxification and health care.


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