Fat people dress with a loose sweater


short bright loose sweater 

Short, bright and loose sweaters with small shorts are the most convenient and cute dresses. This style of clothing is not limited by shoulder width. It looks very loose, so you don’t have a sense of restraint, as if you are in the vast ocean. Very casual, plus a metal chain shoulder bag , it is fashionable to burst!

super soft loose sweater 
    Super soft loose sweater with hip and knee skirt , without any pattern decoration, simple style wears a simple gesture, very taste, and brings a simple home feeling in fashion .
collage two-tone sweater

    The collage two-tone sweater with lace long skirt gives a fresh feeling. This shredded sweater adopts the most popular thick wool this year . The echo of the bagand the skirt also adds to the integrity, very sweet and sweet.

long loose sweaters 

    The long loose sweater and the leggings are designed with very meticulous workmanship. The long dress is more likely to bring a long-lasting effect. This dress is also very comfortable and convenient for shopping.

printed pattern sweater 

    The printed pattern sweater is very popular. The quality of the whole sweater is very good, the thick and warm, the personality pattern, breaking the dull winter, very cute and cute. Put on the skinny jeans and tie the round hat for a neat feeling.

high neck loose sweater
    Loose high-necked sweater is a good fat cover up a single product , style is very beautiful, thick texture plus loose version of the type, upper body elegant Shuyuan, expressing the girl’s tender and fashion elegant, with black tights , build lazy Little woman feeling.


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