How to treat pollen allergy


  How to deal with pollen allergy

  There are many substances in your life that are easy to get infected and allergic. If you accidentally touch it, you will have a reaction. Different physiques will have different reactions. People with strong constitution may not have problems, but people with weak constitution may be allergic. I have a classmate. When I was in the class, I was exposed to pollen. After a sudden contact, my face was red and swollen with some obvious small spots. I also sneezed, drooling, tears, blocked nose and poor breathing.

  First, first move allergic people to a cool, ventilated place, and treat allergic areas with allergic water with cool water to keep the allergies clean and cool.

  Second, remind allergy sufferers to minimize contact with peaches, celery, apples, strawberries, cantaloupe and other common fruits and vegetables to avoid sensitive allergies.

  Third, it is recommended that allergic people eat more honey, jujube, and enoki mushroom, which is proved by many experts to have a better therapeutic effect on allergies. 


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