Released Super Meng series, fashion brand LEAF XIA AW19 New York Fashion Week


The fashion brand LEAF XIA, which has always been good at collage printing , debuted in the fall and winter 2019 New York Fashion Week. New York time on February 13 at the official main show Spring Studios Gallery II hosted the 2019 autumn and winter series of brand release show.

LEAF XIA is telling a story every season. This season’s “Face the Fear with Love” is based on the memories of the designer Leaf Xia in New York. Many familiar scenes in the memory are presented in collage. Chinese New Year lion dances, food, weekend park picnics, hot dog stalls on the street, etc. These are often seen in the years of Leaf New York life, and have been deeply imprinted in their minds. What happened was also the closest memory connection between her and the city of New York. In her memories, she re-finished the trajectory of love. For Leaf Xia, who graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York, this New York Fashion Week is like a successful student. After a long time, she returned to her alma mater with her work to make a special return. gift.


This series of colors is still rich and colorful, full of interesting print stitching, in the most direct way to restore the scenes of the designer’s brain, the publicity but the vitality of the fun, the rich elements of the stack, let people have an immersive Wonderful feeling. The matching of the materials is also refreshing. For example, the down jacket that was originally thick and bloated has been converted into a vest skirt. The dull color of the down jacket is covered by a lovely print, and the lower body is stitched with a flowing girl skirt for the winter. Bless a happy positive energy. In addition, the iconic materials such as chiffon continue to be used, providing a fun, flamboyant and vivid color aesthetic for women who are independent, honest, dare and indifferent to life, and have a youthful lifestyle. .

The LEAF XIA also collaborated with the star character Hello Kitty. In the collaboration series, LEAF XIA chose its iconic girl color scheme and turned Hello Kitty into a part of the recollection scene. The cute presentation of Hello Kitty made the whole series more vibrant. The models wore clothes and walked on the showway covered by this season’s scene prints, showing you the trajectory of the memories.

A little different from the brand’s past catwalks , this show’s styling has the power of New York girls, further outlines the vitality of LEAF XIA girls. Vibrant catwalk , between the music of the year and the rhythm, the girls wearing the LEAF XIA are taking a cheerful step, making people forget the form of the show, but more like walking In the tunnel of memories of love and joy.

The best time is in memory. The best time is what is happening now and for the future. Whether in the past, present or future, LEAF XIA is using her most self-directed way to explain her life. The most positive positive energy for growth. This season, you are invited to take the LEAF XIA Happy Time Machine to visit her, or it may be your time.



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