What is good for cold, cough, and medicine?

cough and cold medicine to eat what is good: do not take medicine can not take medicine back to top

  What kind of medicine is good for cold, cough, and can not take medicine without taking medicine?

  Experts reminded that after all, “it is a three-point drug”, if the age is still light, and the body is also very good, you can not take medicine at the beginning, it is best to rely on yourself. However, you must pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water in order to better fight this. ” Children should pay special attention.” Cao Ling, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, believes that if there is only a common cold and no other complications, most children can heal themselves . Antibiotics can be used without it, unless the child is seriously ill. If there is abnormal blood routine, the white blood cell index is too high, etc., indicating that there is bacterial infection and reuse.

doctors do not easily open cold medicine back to the top

  Doctors should not open cold medicine easily

  Cold and cough is one of the most common diseases. Although it is not a serious illness, it will affect your living conditions after a long time, so you should take medication in time. There are more than one type of cold and cough, so you must determine the cause of a cold and cough before you choose a drug. It is reported that foreign doctors do not easily give patients cold medicine, but more will rely on food . For example, in the United States, hot chicken soup is called “liquid penicillin”, and North American Indians are used to eating bitter roots when their throat is uncomfortable. British people will drink ginger tea in colds. In Australia and New Zealand, hot lemon drinks and honey are traditional drinks for colds. In China, the traditional eating habits of drinking hot chicken soup, drinking radish juice, sugar ginger tea, drinking less salt, consuming honey, and eating more are able to expel a cold.

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  Cold, cough, symptomatic choice of drugs

  Chen Xin, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital of the Ministry of Health, suggested that in addition to the taboo population, if the symptoms of the cold are serious, even if you are in good health, you should take the medicine. The elderly should take the medicine earlier to prevent the late emergence of bronchitis. Or complications such as lower respiratory tract infections . When choosing an oral cold medicine for the elderly, the main consideration is two “attention”. First, the elderly have high blood pressure and coronary heart disease . Try not to use cold medicine containing ephedrine. Because ephedrine can promote heart rate and blood pressure. For example, day and night Baifu Ning, Tainuo, Xinkang Taike, Taikangxin, Baijiahei, etc. For children with cold medication , children are in the growth and development period, such as random abuse of cold medicine, the side effects are likely to be far greater than the cold itself, if it is a simple cold, just give him more water, if you don’t feel relieved, you can follow the cold For the wind or the cold, find a doctor to take some Chinese medicine. For the simultaneous mixing of bacterial infections and fever, some antibiotics may be considered . Repeated colds, as well as elderly, frail and children in the family, should consult a doctor and consider adding immunopotentiating drugs.

cold to note the following points when coughing back to top

  Pay attention to the following points when you have a cold and cough

  First, you must not abuse antibiotics , otherwise you will not be able to cure the disease, but you may also develop resistance. 90% of the colds are viral infections. In a strict sense, there are no effective drugs, just symptomatic treatment and symptom relief, no need to use antibiotics. But everyone may have had this experience. After the cold, I used to buy some cold medicines at the pharmacy and add some antibiotics. In fact, because antibiotics are mainly directed against bacteria rather than viruses, antibiotics are useless for cold viruses at this time, waste and abuse.

  Second, when taking western medicine, patients with fever, headache , and sore throat as the main symptoms can choose drugs with antipyretic analgesics as the main component: patients with salivary, sneezing, and nasal congestion as the main symptoms. selecting containing hydrochloric acid, pseudo- ephedrine pharmaceutical alkaline component.

  Third, although the western medicine is more effective, it has many side effects on the human body. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose Chinese medicine better when you have a cold and cough . As medicine, experts suggest that if a cold cold, cold granules Alternatively, Dishui, Huoxiangzhengqi soft capsules and the like; common cold can be selected or double QKG berberine oral liquid.

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  Cold cough medicine is alert to possible adverse reactions

  ”All drugs have adverse reactions, and cold medicines are no exception.” In the first place, some of the cold medicines do increase the burden on the heart . Patients with cardiovascular disease should not eat. Second, there are chronic diseases and allergies. Patients with poor liver and kidney function should also be cautious. “No matter what cold medicine can be taken for a short period of time, it is enough to eat 5-7 days, and it is not enough to eat together. Otherwise, it will increase the chance of adverse reactions. Currently, cold medicines on the market are used to alleviate people’s discomfort. unless the patient post-merger there was bacterial infection , such as cough yellow sputum, etc., we need to use some other antibiotics were. “




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