What is the cause of blood in the nose?


  Cold nose, blood

  Although cold is very common, it often gives people various symptoms such as dizziness, headache, cough, general weakness, runny nose and other symptoms, which seriously affect people’s health and quality of life.

  However, when the cold causes the symptoms of snot and blood on your body, do you feel scared? And when you are scared, should you look at your own health problems? Then, what is the cold? What kind of blood factor do you have? Please come to learn more about it below!

  When a cold virus invades the human body from the respiratory tract, the virus moves in the nasal cavity, causing the nasal mucosa to swell, and the nose will secrete more extra water or mucus (secretion) to help us naturally excrete the dead virus.

  How is the blood caused by a cold nose?

  1, nosebleeds caused by some pathology

  Cardiovascular disease and blood diseases can cause bleeding in the nose. Systemic diseases that cause changes in blood clotting or blood vessel fragility can cause blood in the nose. Such as leukemia, hemorrhagic purpura, aplastic anemia, hypertension, pulmonary heart disease, vitamin C, B2, P, K deficiency, rheumatic fever, liver, spleen, kidney and other chronic diseases, acute infectious diseases, nasopharyngeal carcinoma , tumors of the nasal cavity, etc. If you find similar symptoms, you should go to the hospital for consultation and treatment.

  2, nutritional disorders or vitamin C deficiency

  The lack of some nutrients in the daily diet may also cause nosebleeds, especially vitamin C is an important vitamin in the body. Usually, you should pay more attention to eating foods rich in vitamins.

  3, caused by a cold

  The cold is not only viral, but also complicated by inflammation. The inflammation in the nasal cavity is the most common. The cold virus invades the nasal mucosa and causes the nasal mucosa to swell. The capillaries under the mucosa also invade and become extremely brittle. It ruptures when rubbed, so there is bloodshot in the nose. Mainly because the liver fire is too big, cook some mung bean soup to drink, clear the fire, usually drink boiled water, it is not possible to buy some anti-inflammatory drugs to eat.

  4, caused by the surrounding environmental conditions

  Now the environment in the city is getting worse and worse. PM2.5 is over-standard, especially in cities like the Imperial City. Due to the long-term dry and dusty environment, it is easy to cause dryness and rupture of the nasal mucosa, causing blood in the nose. There are also some special people who can cause blood in the nose because of long-term work in the environment of volatile substances such as mercury, phosphorus and arsenic.

  What is the cause of bleeding with your nose? You should have a clear understanding of the cause of the blood. What needs to be reminded is that although a cold is a trivial matter, it still needs to be treated as soon as possible, so as to avoid delays in treatment and bring more hidden dangers to your health. Of course, if you want to face life at the best, face your work, you must strengthen your own exercise and improve your immunity. This is a good way to prevent colds.



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