What kind of fruit does a cold eat?


  What kind of fruit does a cold eat?

  1, pear

  Pear is the most used fruit for cough prevention. It has the effect of thirst, heat and cough. There are many ways to do it. It can be used together with Chuanbei, rock sugar or honey. You can also dig the core to add the rock sugar and mother-of-pearl powder to the steamed food and eat it directly. The effect is good.

  2, Apple

  Its general practice is to combine it with soaked white fungus, wolfberry, jujube, etc., which has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. Of course, it can also be fried into juice and drink for the effective treatment of scorpion hoarseness and prevention. Cold cough has a little effect.

  3, almonds

  If you have a dry cough and are accompanied by asthma, eating apricot or almonds can be improved and the almonds will work better. Apricot contains bitter almonds, which have the effect of warming the lungs and dispelling cold and relieving cough.

  4, Water chestnut

  Whether it is raw, boiled or fried, it can be eaten, but it is best to steam or cook it. It can also be peeled and juiced. It can treat sore throat and has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of cold and cough.


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