Dig out this plaid shirt and take your look to the next level


Plaid grain sheet is not difficult to find, it seems that everyone once had a, but mention plaid grain, seem to be unable to get rid of common impression however, even a lot of people had stuffed it into the closet most deep place. Can plaid really not become fashionable? Actually this season, can let your modelling rise quickly most fashionable degree, it is grain of a case grain.

How about a plaid skirt? You can find many on the streets of fashion week. Wear enough basic monochrome skirt, might as well try plaid hemline skirt, can let whole body collocation detail become richer, but should remember to choose appropriate length and material, change soft collapse fabrics won’t have so model.

Model Grace Elizabeth matched the crop top with an extraordinary cut of red Scotland — or just twice photographed — just to prove just how much she liked the crop.

Chiara Ferragni’s tweed plaid dress, paired with fishnet stockings, was also chic and youthful.

At one recent music festival after another, we were all cool girls and wanted to dress like Kurt Cobain. How could we live without plaid?

Isn’t the gray plaid suit amazing? Wearing a whole set of gray plaid pattern, not only is not ordinary but also very advanced, even if there is no fancy color is also captured by the photographer

It’s not just street riggery making a comeback, it’s also on the runway. Prada used a large number of plaids in its spring/summer 2017 show, with different colors, different contrast and different sizes of plaids, creating an image of female intellectuals who are a bit artistic and a bit strange.

Brand heat is higher and higher Gucci tells us, multicolored plaid is very good-looking like.

Au Jour Le Jour spring/summer 2017 collection

Rihanna FENTY x PUMA fall/winter 2017 collection
Of course, there’s no lack of plaid on the part of newer labels, including off-white, Au Jour Le Jour and Rihanna’s FENTY x PUMA, which all featured plaid at this season’s shows, featuring urban, romantic and street-style pieces.


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