Fascinating Cuban fashion new K-BOXING Jinba men’s 2019 spring new work charm full


The combination of romance and enthusiasm in Cuba has spurred the inspiration of designers and artists. K-BOXING men’s 2019 spring new work came into being. In this vibrant country, there are refreshing scenes everywhere. The joyful and unrestrained colors of the festival are dazzling, and the colorful art buildings allow more decorative elements to appear. Under the outline of a relaxing and relaxing lifestyle in the Caribbean, K-BOXING men’s three series of new products easily create a modern style, while extending the high-quality, high-grade brand tonality and architectural design of the exquisite aesthetic, wake you up True, young, and passionate.

Yan early spring color interpretation

When the colorful Cuba opened its arms, this season’s popularity is destined to be splendid. Aquamarine, indigo, ink blue, digital blue and white, is a calm and calming concerto, and occasionally popped red, water green and sun and yellow, is the blazing light of the Caribbean. K-BOXING Jinba men’s new business series leather hand feel soft, wise and restrained indigo blue highlights extraordinary. The same series of short version of the jacket stand highlights young fashion, fresh and quiet Alaska blue in the simple atmosphere reveals unique taste. The flamboyant and warm red has begun to recover in recent seasons. K-BOXING men’s fashion business series jacket jacket is designed to be modern and leisurely. The single-faced inlaid Pop Red is full of youthful vitality, making the clothing level clear.

Vibrant prints

Latin American style comes with a fashion gene. K-BOXING men’s clothing early spring new products from the plants, art and architecture and other patterns and patterns draw design inspiration, giving the clothing a rich expression. Pop art reinterprets Cuban elements such as tropical fruits and architecture. The contrasting stripes and artistic stripes show Cuban romance. The straightforward and concise attitude slogan is born out of passion and original Cuban style, and has become a distinct personality expression in the early spring new products. The new business series short version of the jacket uses the “Starry Sky” theme print to transform the vast cosmic galaxy and simple silhouette lines into a tough, ultra-modern expression language for men. The highly fashionable area of ​​Havana, the capital of Cuba, “VEDADO” has become the attitude slogan of the K-BOXING men’s fashion business series short version of the jacket. Handling the printing elements in the form of pop art is the highlight of the brand’s new products this season. The short version of the fashion business series is embellished with pop red prints, which is also suitable for daily wear, and the red roman mosquito decoration at the neckline, cuffs and hem. The design makes the overall style interesting.

Cuban mood craftsmanship

The exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsmanship and details, the rich blessing of artistic design, has transformed the Cuban style into a source of charm for men from the inside out. The bright splicing process is the innumerable afternoon of the vitality announcement, the exquisite text crafts and embroidered craftsmanship show exquisite masculinity, while the striped edging and the sleek washing are enough to make you a modern pioneer, the Cuban style instantly turns into the upper body art. . K-BOXING Men’s Holiday Series Summer Solitaire uses exquisite color block splicing technology to match fabrics. It combines functional and comfort considerations to meet the ever-increasing quality attitude and dressing needs of Chuangfu. The same series of jacket sweaters use the contrast color creative stitching process to make Cuba’s enthusiasm collide without fear, and the overall color and texture are in harmony.

Holiday series summer jacket

Renewed vision, ingenuity. K-BOXING men’s clothing 2019 early spring new products will be rich in island style, bold color art into the international, fashion, younger design, layered to decode the mystery of Cuban, to provide a wealthy and generous for the wealthy group Lost charm of the jacket. At the same time, in the early spring of 2019, the new products pay more attention to the choice of high-quality fabrics and fit silhouettes. The fashion atmosphere and the vibrant vitality run through each piece of quality, which makes urban men comfortable in the rich and diverse life scenes, and shows the elegance of gentleman taste. Enjoy the city life.

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