Spring health spring tonic must adhere to 4 principles


  Spring health should follow the principle of Yangyang wind protection. In the spring, the human body’s yang is in line with nature and is radiated upwards and outwards, so it is necessary to pay attention to defending the yang in the body. Any situation that damages the yang should be avoided. Health is actually the meaning of maintaining life. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine theory, it is necessary to follow the changing laws of the yin and yang five elements biochemical collection, scientifically nurse the human body, and maintain vitality and vitality.

 Food can also aid in the treatment of drugs

  The so-called diet therapy , Chinese medicine called diet supplementation, is to use the role of food itself to maintain human health, assist in drug prevention and treatment, “a thousand gold essentials” in a special volume for “food treatment”, the classification introduced the fruit The performance of vegetables, grains, birds, beasts and worms and their effects on the human body. It is often said that “medicine and food homology” is not about eating medicine and eating food, but that many foods have the dual effects of food and medicine. Diet therapy is basically suitable for all ages, but strictly speaking, it should be different from person to person depending on the taste of the food. Ordinary foods such as rice and flour, foods with dual effects of food and medicine include ginger, onions, jujubes, longan meat, hazelnuts, mulberry, wine, vinegar, etc. These foods are very different from traditional Chinese medicines. It can be called “medicine and food homology”. Pure Chinese herbal medicines can only be eaten when they are cured, such as ginseng, astragalus, angelica, and Cordyceps sinensis. People with no serious illnesses should be used with caution.

Food should also be flavored

  Even if it is a food with the same medicine and food, it is best to distinguish between your own physique and the taste of food. Food is divided into cold, cool, warm and hot. Cold foods such as bitter gourd, radish, seaweed, cabbage, etc. can clear heat, purgence, laxative, detoxification, and those with low body constitution should not eat more; hot such as ginger, Onions, leeks, peppers, mutton, dog meat, etc., can be warm and cold, kidney and impotence, qi, etc., yin physique can be eaten, can not be the opposite, otherwise it is equal to “fire on the fire.” Chinese medicine believes that the human body is filthy, and some foods have obvious effects on certain organs of the human body. You can eat more food, such as ginger and cinnamon, which is good for the spleen and can increase appetite; persimmon, honey, nourishing yin and moistening, coughing Mustard, sputum, phlegm, and lungs are good for the lungs; sputum, pig liver can be eyesight; walnuts, almonds, bananas, cough, laxative; hawthorn, lotus seeds, spinach to help digestion.

Medicinal diet can not be casual

  The effect of food is very much, and it usually plays a certain role in medicine, but there are other effects that can be combined with real medicines. This effect will be better. In fact, it is the most commonly used medicine diet. However, medicated diets are not arbitrarily eaten. They are exquisite. They should be determined according to the individual’s physical condition according to the climate, region, age and gender.

  If the summer is hot, the human body is cool. At this time, you should eat more medicated diets that are mainly based on heat and heat. In the spring, the climate is warming, and the human body is characterized by the main liver. It is best to eat liver and food, such as sangju. Mint water, leek fried pork liver and so on. China has a vast territory, different terrains and different climatic conditions. Therefore, medicated diets must be prepared according to different regions. For example, the southeast coastal climate is humid, residents are susceptible to damp heat, suitable for light dehumidification; the northwest plateau region is cold and dry, suitable for Wenyang. Dispelling cold, Shengjin Runzao. If you have a cold, you can use the ginger sugar sulphate hydrolysis table in the northwest, and mulberry mint water in the southeast.

Teenagers are less suitable for food supplements

  There is an old saying in China: “Winter tonic, spring to fight tigers”, people like to use ginseng, astragalus and other medicinal herbs in the harsh winter season to stew with old hens, which is suitable for people who are frail, physique, and cold. But it is not suitable for children and adolescents. Normal children and adolescents are best to eat chicken soup without any Chinese medicine. When drinking soup, it is best to open the oil, it is appropriate to be light and refreshing, and you should not blindly “eat”, otherwise it will be counterproductive.


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