Street shot stunning wide-leg pants


In the 1930s and 1940s, wide-leg pants were favored because they helped women escape from the corsets. In the past two years, the wide-leg pants have regained their temper, and even in the T-stage and the tights, the tug-of-war has been launched. The wide-leg pants have saved the imperfect leg shape with their loose contours, and the close-fitting style can be waisted and abdomen. The source of the index has risen.

Crocheted sweater + rose wide-leg pants
Pure white crochet sweater retro romantic, versatile style, rose red wide-leg pants distributed a lot of feminine, the overall dress is casual and dignified.

Palace Print Short T+ Rose Red Wide Leg Pants
The golden palace print short T social extravagance, with rose red wide-leg pants, a little street style, full of fun.

White suit + blue high waist wide leg pants
The simple and elegant white suit, with the blue wide-leg pants, mature and stylish, brings out a gas field invisibly, and the light mature woman quickly learns.

Gray long coat + swallow print wide-leg pants
The wide-leg pants of the swallow prints get rid of the dignified impression of the wide-leg pants, and have a playful vibrancy, with a gray long coat, casual casual.

Deep V cashmere sweater + white wide leg pants
Pure white deep V cashmere exudes fresh and sexy, with white wide-leg pants, a white outfit, and the tenderness index instantly breaks the watch.

Black and white polka-dot wide-leg pants
The classic black-and-white polka dots, the wide-legged ones add to the retro meaning, and the black leather belts adjust the body to the golden ratio.


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