Become a woman’s paper with aroma, and elegant flowers show a new theme of “life”!


Intuitive show

  The fast pace, high frequency, and full load of modern society have over-extracted material resources, while spiritual life has been taken away, causing people to think about the meaning of “life.” The theme of life promotes the concept of “good time” and the idea of ​​“live better, not older”. The elements of plants and flowers reflect the pursuit of the essence of life and return to the natural way of life. Stretched and freehand floral style, the overall style is light and pleasant, simple and fresh and elegant.

Style refinement


 of the  will focus on nature, and the plant and flower materials will create a natural print effect. The theme’s color has a soothing nostalgia and is expressed in converging tones such as pumpkin latte, soft moss and sky night sky. Even the brighter waxy soft yellow and vintage apricot fruit are thicker and softer.



  Drawing the power of nature from the floral elements,

  Feel its fresh vitality,

  Give people a free and elegant feeling.

  Indifferent color is dominant.

  A little bright color is dotted in the elegant color scheme.

  Infinitely rich and angry in the introverted and elegant.


  Depicting the most relaxed state of the foliage,

  Freehand brushwork expresses its vivid vitality,

  Feel the power of nature.

  Stretched and freehand leaf style,

  The overall feel is light and pleasant,

  Very temperament.

Image scattered flower

  Choose warm colors,

  Feel the warmth of the sun in the winter.

  Not like the warm atmosphere of spring and summer,

  Mild and heavy colors of autumn and winter,

  And slightly restrained flowers,

  Gives a deep and long-lasting gentleness.

Decorative simple flower

  Simple hand drawn,

  The number of pens shows the growth and state of the flower.

  Large freehand style,

  Simple and clean color scheme.

  You can choose to print or as a jacquard fabric pattern.

Natural ink shadow

  The flower is processed with a layered pattern effect, and with elegant colors, it achieves a rich and gradual rich layering. The fresh feeling has a hint of ethereal natural nostalgia, gentle and rational. Suitable for printing.



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