Good and bad strawberry


  Good and bad strawberry

  In the process of strawberry planting, what methods are used to identify growth hormones such as swelling agents and preservatives, or to identify them by experiment?

  At the moment, it is the peak season for tasting strawberries. People care about how to identify the pros and cons. Here are some methods for everyone to refer to.

  1. Excessive swelling agent makes the strawberry a big irregular?

  The shape and shape of the strawberry are not necessarily caused by the use of excessive hormones, but are related to uneven pollination, low temperature and growth conditions. The big strawberries are related to their varieties. Some strawberries are born with big breeds, such as those imported from Japan. In addition, fertilization, temperature, humidity, etc. also affect the size of the strawberry.

  Strawberries that have been used as a bulking agent may indeed be odd-shaped, but they must not be used to reverse the deformed strawberry. Some growers use bulking agents to cater to consumers’ preferences, making people feel big and delicious. But in fact, after the swelling agent, the strawberry has more water content, the taste is lighter, the peel is thinner, it is not easy to store, and it is particularly easy to be rotten. The use of the swelling agent by the fruit farmers is actually worth the loss.

  2. Whitening hormones around the stem are spawned?

  Strawberry “white ass” is not necessarily related to the use of hormones, and is related to the time of picking. The germination process of strawberries is usually carried out from the tip to the back of the fruit stalk, and the light-sensitive side turns red first, and the closer to the base of the stalk, the slower the coloration. In actual production, especially in the early spring greenhouses, strawberries are affected by weak light. The hair coloring process is slow, and the color of the base of the fruit is delayed even after the variety, but if the waiting time is too long, when the whole strawberry turns red, the top of the strawberry is too ripe and easily damaged, so the average fruit growers are not equal. When the strawberries are completely red, they start to pick, which causes many strawberries to be white.

  3. ” Hormone strawberry” cavity large flesh white?

  Some varieties are naturally hollow.

  There are many reasons for the hollowness of strawberries. It is impossible to directly judge whether hormones must be used. Some are related to the variety, some varieties of pulp with low density, naturally prone to hollow. In addition, the soil, humidity, and temperature of the strawberry growth cannot keep up with the technical management, and it is also prone to hollowness. Therefore, it is not appropriate to simply look at whether the strawberry is hollow or not to identify whether it is a “hormone strawberry”.

  Since the above methods have been negated, what method should we use to identify hormone strawberries? Is there no effective way? In fact, there are still some methods that are simple and easy to use.

  1. Scent can distinguish “problem strawberry”

  Strawberries that use excessive amounts of hormones are difficult to judge in terms of color, shape, and size. Generally, it is necessary to perform complex tests by professional instruments to confirm whether hormones have been taken. However, there are still some small ways to distinguish. For example, when buying strawberries, you can smell the taste of strawberries first. Fresh and good strawberries have a unique aroma. For strawberries with excessive hormones, the strawberry is not strong and has a slight pungent smell. In addition, good strawberries do not taste strange, sweet with acid, hormones strawberry tastes dull and tasteless.

  2. Good and bad strawberries are distinguished:

  Strawberries are very delicate. In most cases, vendors will not let us pick them by hand, so we use the method of watching and smelling when we buy.

  1) Look at the appearance. It is better to select the overall size and shape of the whole. Although the strawberry with too big size and strange shape is not necessarily using a swelling agent, the probability of using the swelling agent is large.

  2) Smell the aroma. Naturally ripe strawberries have a strong fruity aroma, while the dyed strawberries are not strong, even irritating and unpleasant, or faint green.

  3) Look at the surface. The leaves of the pedicure are bright green, the small fluff, the bright surface, the strawberry without damage and decay are really good strawberries, and the strawberries with spots or wormholes on the surface should be clearly selected.

  4) Touch: The pan-green part of the strawberry is very hard to touch, and the reddish strawberry skin is soft to the touch. Normal strawberries feel elastic, moderate hardness.

  5) Look at the seeds on the strawberries. If it is white or gold, it is naturally mature; if the seed is red, it must be dyed. There is also a situation where the same strawberry is red, some seeds are white, so how to distinguish it?

  Such carefully selected strawberries can not be declared successful, and the final step of verifying the body is to clean.

  Buy the strawberries and soak them in light salt water for 10-15 minutes. (Strawberry cleaning method: Do not choose the green leaves at the top. If you choose the green leaves, the pesticides on the surface of the strawberry will penetrate into the inside of the strawberry from the top of the knot. So after soaking, select the green leaves and rinse with water. You can do it again. Do not use the way to wash the strawberries, and do not use the washing spirit.)

  If the water of the strawberry is slightly reddish, don’t worry, this is the natural pigment of the strawberry itself. If there is a bump on the surface of the strawberry, more natural pigment will be precipitated, and the red color will be heavier, but it is a very natural color, which is completely different from the dyed red. This will explain what was just mentioned above, some of the seeds are red. If the water of the strawberry is heavy red and looks uncomfortable, then the strawberry may have been handcuffed by a “smart” vendor, and you should be more careful next time.

  In the same way, after eating the strawberry, there will be a layer of reddish water at the bottom of the bowl containing the strawberry. The red water is also the natural pigment of the strawberry itself.

Preservation of strawberries

  Strawberries are not easy to preserve, it is best to buy them now. If you accidentally buy more, then how much to wash, the remaining strawberries do not touch the water, sealed with plastic wrap, placed in the refrigerator. Strawberries can be stored for two to three days at 0 to 10 degrees.

  Need to add a point: “Swelling agent strawberry” has no food hazard

  The swelling agent is a kind of phytohormone. The commonly used ones are clopidogrel and gibberellic acid. In China, the pesticides are registered and allowed to be used, and the dosage period, dosage, application method, scope of use and safety are specified on the pesticide label. Interval. It is widely used in fruits such as kiwifruit and melon, which can increase the fruit volume and achieve the purpose of increasing production. Countries such as the United States and Japan have included them in substances that do not require toxicity management.


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