Healthy eating habits


Sit down to eat
According to the study of dietary postures of different nationalities in different countries of the world, sitting in the most scientific, standing in the second, the most unfavorable place.
Drink soup before meal
Have some soup before dinner. This seems to be a pre-sport activity. It can move the entire digestive organ, allowing the digestive gland to produce enough digestive juice to be consumed at any time. Of course, you can drink a little before dinner, but the disadvantages and numerous.

Eat cold food
Scientists believe that hypothermia is the key to longevity. Eat cold food swimming, wash cold water bath, can make the body heat balance, can have a certain cooling effect, extend cell life and determine physical fitness.

Bear the food
Bitter foods contain not only alkaloids but also certain sugars and amino acids. Amino acids in bitter foods are essential for growth and longevity. Bitter food can also regulate the function of the nervous system, alleviating fatigue and boredom caused by negative emotions.
Drinking water in the morning

After getting up in the morning, drink a cup of cold water to help the liver, kidney metabolism, lower blood pressure, prevent myocardial infarction, some people call it “resurrection water.” Experts believe that after a few hours of sleep, the digestive tract is empty. Drinking a cup of cold water in the morning will soon be absorbed into the blood circulation, diluting the blood, which is equivalent to everyone entering the room. The body “ventilates” within the organ. Pay attention to the health of drinking water, which is the source of life. Do not drink alcohol when you are thirsty.

After breakfast, take a multivitamin. Studies have shown that taking the right combination of vitamins can bring good health benefits. Then why after breakfast? On the one hand, it can provide the body with everything it needs for a day, so that you can devote yourself to work and study; on the other hand, it does not put too much burden on the kidneys.

Easy to repair calcium
Put the coffee in the milk instead of the coffee in the milk. The first thing in the morning, fill a cup with skimmed milk. Then you drink 1/5 and then add coffee. You will get 25% of daily vitamin D and 30% of daily calcium.
Drink a large glass of water after the snack. Fast food is usually more calories and salt than limited. Although we can’t gain weight from the abdomen, a large glass of water can help you dilute sodium levels and prevent high blood pressure.
Eating onions

Don’t miss the chance to eat onions. Many people should be careful not to use onions when eating. That is wrong. Onions contain a lot of flavonoids that protect the heart, so we have a responsibility to eat them. Especially if you eat something unhealthy like a barbecue, onions are your salvation.

In order to drink water
Busy work keeps you dry, remember not to drink in the morning. Place a 1.5 liter bottle on the table and pour in all the water needed for the day.
Choose fruit
Although many aspects of fruit are worthy of attention, in terms of health, black fruits are definitely better because they contain more antioxidants. When you don’t shake, you won’t miss dark fruits like plums and blackberries.


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