The bigger the cherries, the better?


  In the early summer season, a variety of fresh fruits are dazzling. This is also the season of cherry fresh season. On the streets, cherries can be bought everywhere.

  And Litchi’s ‘I’m riding a red dusty scorpion’, and nowadays, ‘flying into the homes of ordinary people’, cherries were only the high-end offerings of the royal emperor’s worship ancestral temple. They were planted as early as in the Western Zhou Dynasty; and now, the cherry has already It has become a fruit that everyone can eat.

Cherry? Big cherry? cherries?

  The cherries sold on the market are called cherries, while others are called cherries. Some people say that ‘cherries are made in China, and are the cherries imported? ‘

Smallpox chaos fall, like how matter in the end?

  The most sold cherries are mainly Chinese cherries and European sweet cherries. Chinese cherries are ‘small and exquisite’, with smaller heads and more light reds; European sweet cherries are ‘sufficient’, and their heads are generally large, which is the big cherry we say, and the color is dark red.

  We are usually used to calling imported cherries as cherries. In fact, the cherries and cherries are Rosaceae deciduous shrubs, but the varieties are different. The cherries are a variety of European sweet cherries. They are characterized by firm flesh, plenty of water and a large size.

  The name of the cherries should be derived from the transliteration of cherry ‘cherries’. Just like many imported fruits, there are other names. For example, the supermarket sells taxis and pears, which is actually the transliteration of strawberry ‘strawberry’; and the snake fruit is derived from the transliteration of ‘delicious’.

Big is beautiful, expensive is good?

  In fact, apart from the difference between the two, the difference in nutritional value is almost negligible. The price is also said, the imported large cherry will be much more expensive, not necessarily guaranteed to be fresh…

  However, fortunately, the current breeding technology is more and more advanced, and many excellent foreign cherry varieties have been successfully cultivated in China.

  Many merchants call a large cherry as a cherries, claiming that imported cherries are sold at high prices, and everyone is still polishing their eyes. After all, there is no difference between the two kinds of nutrition, and maybe it is domestic production and sales.

How is the nutrition of cherries?

  Because cherries are delicious and lovely, people always love to leave their mouths, and their praises are naturally more. Many people also praise cherries for high nutrition, iron and blood, and high vitamin C content. Therefore, many friends will bite their teeth and buy some cherries for their loved ones. How about the nutrition of cherries?

  The rosy appearance of the cherry suddenly makes people think of ample blood flow, so the cherries are usually considered to be good things for iron supplementation. Unexpectedly, the iron content of 100 grams of cherries is only 0.36 milligrams – 0.8 milligrams for Chinese cabbage. Therefore, cherry blood is more like a legend of shape and shape.

  As for vitamin C, 100 grams of cherries usually have only a poor 7-9 mg, which is not as good as Chinese cabbage. In addition to iron and vitamin C, the sugar, protein, minerals and other nutrients in the cherry are not prominent, so the nutrition of the cherry is not as good as everyone thinks.

  Then eat cherries? Isn’t it good to eat Chinese cabbage?

  But… cherry is delicious!

  Moreover, the plant contains a lot of polyphenols, which is a healthy fruit.

  To two a day, lowering blood pressure , prevention of cardiovascular disease

  The world’s top medical journal, New England Journal of Medicine, has reported that people who eat more fruits have better blood pressure and blood sugar; people who eat fruits every day have fewer cardiovascular diseases than those who do not eat fruits. .

  Recommended recipes

  Cherry is delicious, and raw food is of course the most convenient. But you can also try to use it to make a little dish.

 Cherry roast

  Ingredients: more than 10 cherries, 500 grams of pork, 35 grams of sugar, 100 grams of edible oil, salt, rice vinegar, cooking wine, ginger, onion, fragrant leaves


  The meat is first chopped in a cold water pot and then placed in ice water for 2 minutes.

  Heat the hot pot, put the oil, and pour the meat into the half fry until the surface is slightly brittle. For health, you can pour off most of the oil.

  Then add sugar and cherries to stir fry. When the cherry is Microsoft, put in cold water without meat, put a little salt, and stew in medium heat.

  When receiving half of the juice, put ginger, onion, fragrant leaves, cooking wine and other spices. When the cherries are stewed and there is still a little juice, add seasonings such as salt and vinegar, stir fry over low heat, leave some juice, and remove the pieces to serve.


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