Why is the chin repeatedly acne? What is the cause of repeated acne on the chin?


▼What is the reason for chin to repeat acne?

The first is the amount of fat in the skin.

The second is the ratio of fat content to water content.

In other words, too much fat does not necessarily lead to acne, but if there is more oil and less water, the chance of acne will increase.

The third is the resistance of the skin.

The fourth is the degree of imbalance in the endocrine system.

Chin acne, often associated with hormonal secretions, if it is female, is related to the reproductive system such as the ovary or the uterus; men may have problems such as acne or constipation. Chin acne, many acne patients think that the fire is too big, usually in the advice of relatives and friends or their own chills and other cold Chinese medicine to solve the symptoms of fire and other symptoms, I do not know, such as severe cold Chinese medicine such as berberine also has its adaptation Symptoms, if the chin acne and cold body, eating Chinese medicine berberine, etc. will not only aggravate the symptoms, but also cause frequent diarrhea of ​​the spleen and stomach problems.

Acne is a common chronic sebaceous gland disease in adolescence. The reason is that sebaceous glands secrete exuberantly, causing pores to clog, forming the core of acne – micro acne! Micro acne is invisible, takes 6-9 months, from formation to growth on the surface of the skin! At the same time, micro-acne clogging pores cause inflammation, It is the source of pimples, pustules, nodules, and cysts. The traditional treatment is to remove the surface of the acne, and the micro-acne will stop growing for a while! Therefore, the recurrence of acne is formed. Therefore, in order to treat acne, thorough removal of micro acne is the key. No hemorrhoids without hemorrhoids, no hemorrhoids without hemorrhoids.

▼Woman chin repeated acne treatment

There are many reasons for women’s chin acne, but in general chin acne is mild, you can not care too much about it, to maintain normal skin care. A slight acne on the chin does not mean that the body function is problematic, so there is no need to be overly nervous.

If the acne on the chin is very serious, not only repeated, but also continuous, then it is necessary to pay special attention. The cause of acne in the jaw, which is common in patients with excessive acne swelling, more common in women. Such patients are often accompanied by more serious other physical diseases such as severe gastrointestinal motility, severe menstrual disorders, joint pain, and sleep disorders. This condition is usually caused by excessive physical weakness.

Most women with chin acne are caused by endocrine disorders. The acne on the chin is related to hormone secretion. For women, it is a problem with the reproductive system, such as the uterus or ovaries, leading to endocrine abnormalities. At the same time, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation or increased blood clots during menstruation may also occur in your life.

So how to treat female chin hemorrhoids caused by endocrine disorders, the reason is chin hemorrhoids, experts suggest: eat less cold food, moderate warmth. Eating cold things can easily irritate the spleen and stomach, leading to spleen and stomach disorders, accumulation of toxins in the body, and aggravating the condition of acne. In addition, when eating cold things, the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract is lowered, affecting the contraction of the uterus, making the uterus and ovary problems more serious, and making the chin acne more serious.



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