Although the vegetables are good, they are often “white”! Why?


Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which is very important for our health. Experts recommend that you eat more than 500g of vegetables per person per day. However, if the cooking method is not proper, it will cause a large loss of nutrients.

4 kinds of cooking methods are easy to cause vegetable nutrient loss

1, soak vegetables in cold water for a long time

When vegetables are used for salads, in order to maintain a refreshing flavor, vegetables are temporarily soaked in cold water after cutting vegetables. However, long-term soaking causes nutrients to be lost, and water-soluble vitamins are slowly lost to the soaked water.

2, using a blender to make vegetable juice

For children who don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, mothers often hope to use the way of vegetable juice to supplement their nutrition. However, during the process of mixing the fruits and vegetables, the vitamin C is exposed to the air and is oxidized, resulting in loss. Therefore, if you want to make raw vegetable juice, it is best to use a manual juicer to reduce the possibility of oxidation.

3, poured the soup water boiled

Vitamin C has poor heat resistance, and it is easy to lose once heated. The essence of vegetables is mostly in the soup. Therefore, it is best not to discard the soup of boiled vegetables, and use or ingest it properly so as not to lose vitamin C.

4, carrots and other vegetables together with juice

Carrots contain vitamin C oxidase, which destroys the vitamin C contained in other vegetables. Therefore, the juice should not be mixed with carrots.

The correct way of vegetables

1, wash first and then cut

Most of the nutrients in vegetables are water-soluble, so washing and cutting can avoid nutrient loss.

2, heating within 10 minutes

In order to keep the vitamin C in the vegetables from escaping, it is recommended to control the heating time within 10 minutes, and the amount of loss is less when the fire is quickly fried or the cover is heated for a short time.

3, the seasoning to join to seize the opportunity

Stir-fried vegetables should be placed before the oil smokes. If the oil temperature is too high, harmful substances will be released; boiled vegetables should be refueled after the water rolls or before the pot, so that the vegetables are bright and bright.


The crude fiber in vegetables can accelerate the intestinal peristalsis and promote detoxification, but excessive consumption will affect the absorption of calcium and zinc. If you eat a lot of vegetables and do not eat meat in order to lose weight, it is easy to be malnourished, affecting your health, or pay attention to nutrition.


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