Girls who lose weight should be vigilant! If the body loses more than 20% of this ingredient, it will lose fertility!


Weight loss can not be too fast, for example, some girls want to lose 10 pounds, yes, but it takes more than half a year to slowly reduce.

If you lose more than 4 pounds in a month, there is not only a potential risk of ketosis, but also a long-term phenomenon: the first month is happy, the second month is sad, and the third month rebounds. This is what we call the “yo-yo” phenomenon, which is characterized by constant progress and constant return. The human skin is like an elastic band. When you press it down, you will come up.

Why is this happening?
When the body starts to lose weight, if it is slowly reduced, the body will experience a slow adaptation process, resulting in a tolerance. However, if you lose more than ten kilograms in a very short period of time, the body will have a self-protection ability, which will metabolize the basal metabolism that should be consumed in the body, maintain breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse, gastrointestinal tract, lung expansion, etc. The energy of these functions is compressed as low as possible, because the body needs to protect these basic functions when energy is limited.

Therefore, when using a quick method to lose weight to a certain extent, the body’s consumption is maintained at a very low level, and at this time, the amount of food eats is slightly increased, the energy intake is increased, and the ratio of energy to consumption is raised at once. Now, the weight will rebound immediately.

And this thin weight loss method occurs in women, it is even more harmful. Women are more closely related to fat than men. Women’s subcutaneous fat is thicker than men, why? Because women need a certain amount of fat, this is closely related to the physiological function and metabolism of women who maintain normal body. If a woman loses more than 20% of her body fat, the woman will lose fertility. Many women are suffering from menstrual disorders and even menopause because of rapid weight loss.

Some girls have also caused anorexia. According to statistics, the number of women with anorexia is much higher than that of men, about 7 times that of men. Women who suffer from anorexia will have a significant weight loss in a short period of time, but patients often do not realize that this is a disease. Even if they go to the hospital, they will see a doctor because of excessive menstrual disorders or menopause. The hormone levels are disordered, and some people may not be able to return to normal for life. So girls who are losing weight should be ringing their alarms in their minds?


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