Pork liver, spinach, carrots, are these foods really eye-catching?


According to some surveys, the average time we use mobile phones every day is close to 5 hours, and it has risen 66.7% in the past 2 years.

At the same time, many people also reported that their level of vision has dropped dramatically, and they want to eat something to supplement their eyes.

Which foods can alleviate dry eyes and eye fatigue caused by long-term staring at the screen?

Legend can be seen in pig liver, spinach, carrots… Are these foods really effective, or are they rumors?

The saying “pig liver eyesight” has been widely circulated, can the pig liver really see the eye?

In fact, the term “pig liver and eyesight” does have some truth.

Because pig liver is rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A has a great effect on maintaining normal visual function, especially on dark vision. The lack of vitamin A may lead to night blindness and dry eye disease.

Therefore, in the absence of vitamin A caused by eye discomfort, timely vitamin A supplementation, including eating some pig liver, is indeed a good choice.

In addition to pig liver, other animals have high levels of vitamin A in their livers: sheep liver, beef liver, chicken liver and foie gras.

But the animal’s liver is a very special kind of food.

On the one hand, they are rich in nutrients. In addition to vitamins and vitamins A, they contain high levels of various nutrients such as magnesium, iron and zinc.

But on the other hand, its cholesterol content is also very high. For people with high blood fat and high cholesterol, the animal liver is really a food that needs to be respected.

In addition, the liver is an important detoxification and metabolic organ in animals.

Heavy metals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc. are metabolized and transformed in the liver of animals.

Therefore, the content of harmful substances such as heavy metals cannot be ignored.

Researchers have conducted a survey on animal liver foods on the market and found that:

The content of heavy metal lead in animal liver is high, and the samples of pig and sheep liver are over-standard. The content of heavy metal cadmium and chromium is low, and there is no excessive standard.

Tao Baiqiu, Xu Hongying. Determination of Heavy Metal Content in Liver of Edible Animals[J].Food Research and Development,

Therefore, although many nutrients in animal livers are abundant, nutrition experts recommend that we limit and eat less.

Fortunately, in addition to animal liver, other animal foods, such as cod liver oil, whole milk and dairy products, eggs, meat and other foods are also rich in vitamin A.

Therefore, although there is some truth in the “pig liver eyesight”, we do not have to be too persistent with the pig liver.

In addition to animal foods, you may have heard that eating carrots and eating spinach is also good for your eyes.

This statement is also correct.

It should be noted that plant-based foods, including vegetables, fruits, etc., are themselves free of vitamin A.

They contain carotene, which can be converted to vitamin A in the human body.

Therefore, it is understandable to eat carrots that are good for the eyes.

In addition to carrots, orange fruits and vegetables often contain carotene.

Such as pumpkin, mango, papaya, orange, orange, persimmon, yellow peach, red sweet potato and so on.

These foods are also good choices for our carotene supplements.

Must carrots be fried with oil?

Whether it is vitamin A or carotene, it is a fat-soluble substance, soluble in fat and insoluble in water.

Therefore, there are rumors that “the carrots must be fried with oil.” is this real?

Want to absorb the use of vitamin A / carotene, indeed can not do without the help of oil.

But this does not mean that you must “eat and eat.”

Because we don’t just eat carrots in one meal, the fat provided by other foods is often enough.

If you want to improve the absorption and utilization of carotene, you can consider appropriate heat treatment, such as steaming and ripening.

Heat treatment can soften the cell wall and allow carotene to be released better, so that it can be better absorbed and utilized by our body.


In addition, dark green vegetables and fruits also contain carotene, such as spinach, leeks, snow leeks and so on.

However, the orange color contained in the carotene contained in it is covered by the dark green color of chlorophyll, so it is not easy to be discovered by us.

Vitamin A supplementation needs attention

Excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to poisoning, and if supplemented with supplements, special attention should be paid to intake.

Also, when the amount of vitamin A in our body is sufficient, the re-absorbed carotene will not be converted into vitamin A.

In this case, excessive intake of carotenoid-rich foods over a period of time may cause local skin yellowing.

At this point, reducing the intake of vitamin A and carotene in the food will slowly return to normal skin tone without worry.


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