The best calcium supplement food is milk, shrimp or bone soup? Calcium every day, you may not eat right


Calcium supplementation is an old-fashioned topic. From the infant stage, the old people chanted “to make up calcium, otherwise it will be short.” In the middle-aged and old age, the overwhelming coverage of TV broadcasts is “giving calcium tablets to parents to prevent osteoporosis” and so on.

In the daily diet of the people, there are also many so-called calcium supplement foods, such as common milk, soy milk, slightly different types of shrimp skin, pork bone soup, and even some people say that eating sesame sauce can also make calcium.

In fact, we say that calcium supplementation depends not only on the calcium content of food, but also on the body’s absorption rate of calcium in this food. The third is to look at this food, in addition to calcium, whether the elements contained are good for health.

Today, the dietitian in the explosion nutrition class will talk to you: The best calcium supplement food is milk, shrimp or bone soup? Calcium every day, you may not eat right.

We look at whether the food is suitable for calcium supplementation in three aspects, first the calcium content, followed by the calcium absorption rate, and finally the nutrients other than calcium.

Each 100 ml of milk contains 106 mg of calcium. Although it is not the highest calcium in various dairy products, it is the most calcium-rich food accepted by our people.

At the same time, the human body has a high absorption rate of calcium in milk. In addition to calcium, milk also contains high-quality protein and trace elements such as phosphorus and iron. The comprehensive nutrition is excellent.

The two kinds of foods, shrimp skin and pork bone, although the content of calcium is extremely high than that of milk, the calcium in them is mainly in the form of a combination of shrimp skin and pig bone, which can hardly be absorbed by the human body.

Even if it is polished into shrimp skin powder and pork bone powder, it can not destroy the composition of the molecule, and it is still difficult to be absorbed by the body. Not to mention the high sodium content of the shrimp skin, which contains 5057 mg of sodium per 100 g of shrimp skin, which is almost the sum of the daily intake of the human body.

Everyone knows that excessive intake of sodium can increase the risk of osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Pig bones have high levels of fat and cholesterol, and excessive intake increases the risk of obesity and arteriosclerosis.

Obviously, shrimp skin and pork bone, whether it is absorption rate or nutrients other than calcium, are not good for health, not a good choice for calcium supplementation.

The dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class can clearly tell you:

Dairy products, represented by milk, are the best calcium supplement for adults. If you are lactose intolerant, you can switch to sugar-free yogurt to make calcium. But pay attention to the high calories of yogurt, not drinking too much like milk every day.


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