Concord Science | Nutrition Department Chen Wei: “Comprehensive Best Diet” for weight loss and blood pressure reduction, find out?


The summer is near, the temperature is soaring, the flesh and blood are all showing their original shape, and weight loss is urgently put on the agenda. How to lose weight is healthy and efficient? Professor Chen Wei, deputy director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, introduced a diet model of “heavy duty” for fruits and vegetables – Stop Hypertension Diet (DASH). Because the DASH diet has almost all the characteristics of a nutritious balanced diet, it is also very suitable for weight loss and lipid-lowering.

The origin of the DASH diet mode

The DASH diet model is a dietary model developed by the 1995 US Great Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH). The diet emphasizes increasing the intake of larger amounts of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat (or skim) milk. It uses whole-grain foods to reduce the intake of red meat, oil, refined sugar and sugary drinks, and eats appropriate nuts and beans. It provides rich minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and dietary fiber, increases high-quality protein, reduces fat, especially saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, and increases the intake of unsaturated fatty acids.

Two studies published in the 2005 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the 2010 Journal of Nutrition found that obese people use the DASH diet better than traditional weight loss diet plus exercise, and subjects The feeling of fullness is high.

The superiority of the DASH diet mode

Due to the comprehensive and balanced nutrition of DASH diet, the use of natural foods, without strict restrictions on salt (3 g / day) and diet, can achieve blood pressure control, and benefit from diabetes control, cardiovascular health, long-term and short-term reduction It is effective, safe to use, and has good patient compliance. It has been rated as the best diet by US News and World Report for 10 consecutive years.

The best dietary model was selected by a panel of 22 nutrition experts from the United States to select 34 different dietary patterns, from overall evaluation, long-term and short-term weight loss, compliance, nutritional value, safety, and The benefits of diabetes and cardiovascular health are scored. The DASH diet topped the list of 34 common eating patterns.

Test evidence

In 1997, a DASH study from the United States selected 459 adults with systolic blood pressure <160 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure between 80-95 mmHg as subjects. After a 3-week typical US diet (control), subjects were randomized into 3 groups for a 8-week diet: Group 1 continued to consume the control diet; Group 2 consumed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables; The group ate the DASH diet. The average blood pressure lowering effect of the DASH diet group and the fruit and vegetable group was significantly higher than that of the control group, especially in the DASH group. Analysis shows that the DASH diet mode is beneficial for long-term health because it contains higher amounts of potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

Applicable scope of DASH diet mode

The DASH diet is suitable for a variety of obese patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. Because of its balanced nutrition, safety, compliance, and cardiovascular health, it can also be used in patients with simple obesity (including adults and the elderly).

Touch the small belly and measure BMI. If you are high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity, if you can’t live with high-heat and high-fat foods such as fried chicken, milk tea, ice cream, and sweet water, then DASH diet may be your success. Going forward to the gospel of a small summer waist, “Let’s eat and eat”!

The composition of the DASH diet

The main food is recommended to use whole grains, try to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet (up to 1.5 kg / day), use skimmed or low-fat milk (avoid full-fat milk), meat with white meat such as fish and chicken (lean meat), avoid red Meat, fat and viscera, eat plenty of dried fruit or beans, reduce oily foods and cooking oils, and replace animal oil with vegetable oils, strictly reducing sugar intake and sugary soft drinks.

[Expert Tips]

According to the DASH diet, the daily caloric intake of adult males can be controlled at around 2,000 kcal, and adult females can be controlled at around 1600 kcal (1/5 less than males). In order to visually represent the relationship between food and heat


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