Iron deficiency anemia away from 3 kinds of food!


Coffee has become one of the most common beverages among people. In other words, coffee has become the diet culture of young people. It was mentioned in the microblog before that fuzhou has occupied the first place in the consumption of milk tea. We have to ask, long-term intake of such food, whether it is harmful to human body? Can anaemic person drink coffee?

Because suffer from the person that is short of iron sex anaemia, this pays attention to dietary recuperation all the more, learn to fill blood and fill iron for instance, reduce a few effects iron is qualitative absorb food. The reason why anaemic patients should not drink coffee is that coffee contains a large amount of phenols, which can combine with iron in the body, resulting in a large loss of iron intake. Therefore, young people like to drink coffee or milk tea, should control the intake.

Intake of coffee or milk tea, with increased intake, the body’s iron will also be inhibited, increasing iron deficiency anemia. So, if you are having the habit such as drinking coffee or milk tea, tea for a long time, appear suddenly giddy, the symptom such as systemic lack of power, want to consider whether suffer from to be short of iron sex anaemia. Iron deficiency anemia patients, if the long-term intemperate drinking coffee, but also aggravate anemia symptoms.

Not only coffee but also tea should be drunk less. Because tea also contains the same phenols as coffee, it inhibits iron absorption in the body. And the tannic acid of tea and tannin, still can combine with the iron inside bowel path. The anaemic personage that is filling iron, should notice to fill iron when avoid to drink milk. This is because milk contains calcium and phosphorus, which combine with iron to produce insoluble compounds that cannot be absorbed by the body.

In addition, iron deficiency anemia should pay attention to avoid eating garlic. Because garlic can reduce the number of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood, aggravating anemia symptoms. In the meantime, still can affect the body to be opposite vitamin B group is absorbed use. Small health warning, the general people drink coffee or milk tea should also moderate, one cup a day can be. Anaemic patient does not suit to drink coffee, milk tea and tea, should remember henceforth


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